Today’s Tweets

If we believe in the goodness of God we expect good things.


@BabylonBee is often more reality than satire, because the things they expose are so idiotic and hypocritical it’s hard to distinguish fact from satire.

For example:

“Business Owners Boarding Up In Case Party Of Love And Tolerance Loses”



“A large English study showed the number of people with Covid-19 antibodies declined significantly over the summer, suggesting that getting the virus may not confer long-lasting immunity from future infection.”

It also casts doubt on the effectiveness of a vaccine.


Trump rallies attracting massive crowds.

Biden/Harris rallies with hardly anyone there.

You could surmise that Big-Tech is a big scam and the reality is very different to their spin.



“Twitter CEO Says Holocaust Denial Not ‘Misinformation’ “

I don’t know how many realize the significance of one of the most powerful men in the world validating Holocaust Denial ?

Could anything be more evil?


Vote for the party which is less morally depraved.


Some people are proof to you that Jesus is real.

While some people are proof the devil is real.


A true follower of Jesus is always ready to leave this corrupt world and continue living in a far better place.

They are not deceived along with the world.


The political scene reinforces the Biblical teaching that there is no truth in man, he is a liar by nature.

All that you see happening proves the Bible is true.


You don’t want to experience God’s wrath, do you?

“He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.”

John 3:36


The greatest desire a human being can have is the desire to know Jesus and be conformed to Him.

The most noble, the most pure, the highest desire..


Both the words of God and the words of the devil have a supernatural effect on people.

Choose wisely.


God the Father has a calendar, and on it a day is marked for Jesus return to judge, rule and reign.

Jesus said it will be on a normal day, when everyone is going about their business as usual.


Food Security will be a dominant issue from now on.


So, we have a plan to defeat the virus, and its kill the economy, make everyone dependent on the government, then control every movement, and then you will be more concerned about scrounging for your next meal than you are about the virus. That’s our plan.



If you go far enough to the Left or far enough to the Right you end up at the same place: antisemitism, totalitarianism, xenophobia, propaganda puppet media, Thought Police…. etc..


We do keep Saturday holy.

And Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… etc.

We keep every second of every day Holy.

At least, we should.

The New Covenant is an entirely New Covenant.

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