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A true Christian can’t win or lose.

They can either glorify Jesus in their life, or not.


If God gives a nation the leader they deserve, then they’re in big trouble.


God “… removes kings and establishes kings” (Daniel 2:21)

And, I believe God also takes note if you want an immoral king.


We’ll know fairly soon whether the list of false prophets just got longer.

Judge nothing before the time.


In a true follower of Jesus, the deepest things of their heart, mind and will are linked to eternity, to an Eternal Kingdom.


Christian, you cannot live in someone else’s reality. You’ve got to have your own.


Which is more important, How you feel? Or… What you believe?


Commented on Facebook:

…… I don’t even think a Trump victory would be “buying time”.

I believe true Christians try to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not as a means to an end. They act on principle.

Therefore, when the other party stands for filthy disgusting things, we feel we have a moral imperative to oppose that.

And it’s far more than adults having the freedom to have no sexual morals if they desire. It’s about them FORCING this garbage on to kids and brainwashing them.

One day YOU will have to face Jesus Christ.

Not a pathetic Liberal caricature of Jesus.

The real Jesus.


I think America is polarized due to the inherent differences between Conservatives and Liberals, and no matter who is President it won’t change that equation.


Looks like people have lost their faith in God and in the electoral process.

It’s leading to a bio recognition ID system for cyber voting, and then the deep state will simply control the data of such an “election”.

You can’t trust them with paper, and you can’t trust them with computers.


Such a wonderful future for those who love the Lord.


Why do people dread Jesus return?

No more control, no more authority.

Man can no longer be his own master.

The steering wheel is taken from his hands.

Jesus will be the only Authority.

Just one of the reasons.


Are “Independent Fact Checkers” truly politically neutral?

Is it reasonable to expect anyone to be entirely neutral and unbiased?

Do such people exist anymore?

Are they not in the information business to make money?

It’s hard to get to the truth when information is politically controlled.

It’s truly “Information Wars”.


Jesus is our only hope.

And our hope is not in this present world.


When America falls we all better start learning Mandarin.

The world is not such a nice place.


See Revelation 13.

The final movement in history before Jesus returns to judge it will be Satanism. The whole world will worship Satan and be united in this “faith”.

But it will be Satan claiming to be God.

The devil becomes The Messiah, but he is just a man the devil uses.

It only lasts a moment then Jesus destroys it, and them.


I like this:

“The Left and the media have spent 4 years painting Trump as a racist.

He just got the biggest minority Republican vote since 1960.”


In the West few people realize that, if the rule of law prevailed, most Third World leaders would be in jail.

Do you want your Western nation to become a Third World nation?


The hate which is rising in America seems to be directed at those who have decent moral values.


To the Liberal mind, right or wrong is merely based on what they want. If they want something, it’s right.


Political prayers.

Yeah, why not pray for the better option?

Unless you really feel you need to pray for evil to increase?


In the Kingdom it’s always, “It is well with my soul”, no matter what happens.



The hyper-spiritual Christian can quote Tozer and all the greats, but at the end of the day they’re still sitting there gazing at their navel, trapped in their own little world.


You don’t really think mainstream “news” will report anything which doesn’t fit their narrative?


If we are not holy then we’re resisting the Holy Spirit.


The “free world” can’t remain free when people aren’t free from hate – when they hate what is pure and holy.

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