Today’s Tweets

Because Jesus Christ is alive, a Christian is never disadvantaged.


When a decieved person hears the truth their mind goes blank.


For a Christian, education is far more than schools, or even church, and healing far more than doctors.



A thief hides the loot and then brazenly declares, ‘Show me the evidence!’.


Do you remember anyone saying,

“He is not my President!”


Last time many Dems didn’t accept the results of the election.

The rioting and violence showed they didn’t accept the results of that election.


It’s fair to say neither party has a strong mandate, the nation is fairly evenly divided into two.

Therefore, it would also be fair to say the mainstream media and Big-Tech represent only half the nation, and are against the other half.

So, Trump’s result is amazing considering the mainstream media and Big-Tech were against him.

For four years they were painting Trump as a racist.

And yet Blacks and Hispanics voted for him in record numbers?

It shows that at least half the nation is not so easily manipulated.


The same people who were looting and burning cities would never commit voter fraud!!! They would never do anything illegal! To them, democracy is sacred! They are very honest, law abiding people.


When we pray for someone we’ve made the most solid investment we could ever make.


There are no short cuts to Christian maturity.

Suffering can’t be bypassed.


Christian, we can’t know where everyone stands with God, or their true spiritual condition. Let’s go by, innocent unless proven guilty, and where there is doubt, sincerely pray for them.


Christians obviously want to influence society for the better, because who doesn’t want to live peacefully with freedom? We are all for righteous laws, and especially laws which protect children from sickos, but we don’t believe for one minute we can force immoral people to be moral.


“It’s Not Who Votes that Counts, It’s Who Counts the Votes!”

  • Josef Stalin


The grace of God is sufficient.

The power of the Holy Spirit is sufficient.

The truth of God’s word is sufficient.

The Blood of Christ is sufficient.

Who ever is in Christ is complete in Him.


We all have to answer to God, with no exception.

“So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.”


This world is like the Titanic, but there’s only one life boat, and He is Jesus.


Everything you need to know, like, where you will spend eternity, is in the Bible.


If you wanted to behave like an animal it would be easier for your conscience to process that if you believe you’re merely a highly evolved animal.


It’s frustrating if you can’t control the world by posting on social media.

Just kidding. Kind of. 😁


Politics is all a game until they block you from social media for being non-compliant to the party line.

Then politics will become real, right?

The day of the Latte Christian is closing out fast.

It means, too much time and money, too much comfort, and the western Christian lives in their own bubble of reality.

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