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A follower of Jesus Christ is defined by Him.

He defines who we are, and our worth.

He defines our purpose and each ones work.

He defines our beliefs, and what is true or not true.

He defines our faith.

But before we were His followers, we, ourselves, defined all these things.


Each person is a marvel.

It’s a tragedy they reject their Maker.


A little Bible study:

Compare Romans 14 with 1 Timothy 4:1-5.

The former concerns saved people who have a weak conscience about food and holy days, and we need to accommodate their weak faith.

The latter concerns unsaved deceivers who teach that you need to avoid certain foods and observe certain days in order to be saved.

There’s a huge difference between the two.

In Romans 14 Paul said that he was even prepared to stop drinking wine if it offends another brother in Christ.

That tells you they were drinking fermented wine.

Some believers made a rule that it’s a sin to drink fermented wine.

So Paul calls that a weak faith which we must accommodate.

If you were around such believers you wouldn’t want to offend their conscience by drinking in front of them.

I very rarely drink wine for two reasons:

a. It’s too expensive.

b. It can offend or be a stumbling block to other Christians.

And many will misunderstand, or not understand its possible to have self control.


The people in Hell today are very conscious that the only reason they are there is they rejected God’s offer of salvation in Jesus Christ.


Can anyone trust the notoriously politically biased Big-Tech to adjudicate between what is Information and what is Misinformation?


The highest expression of authority is to forgive.

This is what Jesus taught and lived.


Everyone wants to live.

But so few want eternal life.

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