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Jesus said, “turn the other cheek”, and He means turn our own cheek when being reviled for belonging to Him, and NOT to stand by and watch innocent people be slaughtered and do nothing to defend them.

Such would be useless people, and such hopeless people could not be followers of Jesus.


When a Liberal “Christian” reads the New Testament they find quite a number of verses which threaten their belief system, but they are confident they are intellectual enough to find a way around those verses, and to come to an educated conclusion that they mean something other than their apparent meaning.

Professing to be theologically wise they became fools.

For example, the way to life is narrow, and only a few find it…

That is interpreted to mean….

I will let you guess how they interpret that.

Or, don’t fear man, fear God, who after He has killed you can throw you into hell fire.

Liberal interpretation??


Considering the etymological significance of the third person singular in the aorist tense, anthropomorphic hermeneutical metaphors suggest…..

…. its really not so bad as what Jesus said???


Now lets change the subject.



People are not as strong as they think they are if they feel threatened by the truth.


The real business is with God.


All our expectation is in you, Lord Jesus.


Just browsing Twitter, there’s still such barbaric stuff going on in parts of the world, people getting machete-d, and one seems to notice the suffering.

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