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Is Jesus Christ worth it?

This was the question facing the Israelites whom Jesus came into contact with.

And its the question facing every single person on earth.


If a person is not taught by the Holy Spirit then there’s no chance we can teach them. We’re not a better teacher than Him.


One of the things a Christian is called to be is a light in the world.

Not a light in the church, a light in the world.


Bob Dylan once quipped, “If the Bible is right the world will explode”.

You judge whether the Bible is right.


Jesus Christ is a Person.

Now, where do you stand in relation to this Person?

Do you know this Person?


The mature, balanced Christian is more than a one dimensional person, they spiritually multitask or wear a number of different caps.


I’m not interested in politics, I’m interested in people and whether things are true.


The politics of other nations is not our business, but it’s our concern as God’s people are there.


The state of a person’s soul is the most important issue in the world.

This is for non-Christians:

Would you say you understand the Bible?

Would you say you understand what Jesus Christ taught and who He claimed to be?


To my non-Christian friends:

Do you consider God to be your friend?

Or do you consider God to be your enemy?


Don’t let any blessing go unthanked.


When politics becomes theater, the best actor wins.


The HOLY Spirit will take everything that is unholy out of our heart, mind, spirit, soul and body.

Because He is the HOLY Spirit.


There is no greater fool than the moral fool who thinks he is theological.


When the life of Christ is in a person everything seems to come alive – that which was dead is now vibrant with His life pulsating through it.


If Jesus has given you eternal life then you have eternal life right now, yes?

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