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To bypass forgiving others would be to bypass Jesus.

Without forgiveness God will discipline that believer by handing them over to be tormented.

Sounds tough.

But its Gods way.

And if they don’t accept His discipline then He is not their Father.

(See Hebrews 12:8)


One of the hidden blessings of persecution is it reveals whether we truly love our enemies.

And it’s always a blessing to know the truth about oneself.


You know that Jesus never promoted Himself, don’t you?

Then why would we, unless we think we’re better than Him?


Commented on 1 Cor. 14

The church in Corinth was very active in spiritual gifts, and it tended to chaos when they didn’t understand God’s order, so Paul explains that order.

Therefore these verses from Chapter 14 relate to ordering something which already exists.

It can’t be used to create something which doesn’t exist.

That is, if the Holy Spirit is not moving in the body corporately then getting people to prophecy in turn or give tongues with interpretation would be like flogging a dead horse.

These instructions are to steer something already in motion, and therefore wouldn’t apply where these gifts were not in use.

Therefore, if tongues speaking happens in the meeting then instruct with these verses as to their orderly use.

If the word of God is spontaneously coming to several in the meeting, instruct from these verses how that can proceed in an orderly fashion.



Over the course of 24 hours you might fight several battles, but know that Jesus won the war.


File this as: Understanding the time you’re living in.

Perhaps the essence of Liberalism is this: To redefine love by redefining tolerance.

Basically, if you say something is morally wrong according to the Biblical standard, then, that is defined as hate by those who don’t agree or don’t believe in such standards.

Therefore, “love” is redefined to mean agreeing with the belief that things which the Bible teaches are wrong, are, in fact, right.

Agree, then you have love. Disagree, then you hate.

A kind of spiritual blackmail.

And so it eventuates into people with loose morals sitting in judgment over you, all in the name of love.


Many came claiming to teach the truth, but Jesus claimed much more than that, He claimed to be the truth.


How can people expect to be forgiven of what they’ve not repented of?


“…Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.”

Hebrews 5:8


One of the snares a preacher can fall into is to preach so as to impress others of how good they are at preaching.


To earnestly desire to depart and be with the Lord is not a death wish.

Nor is it escapism.

Surely, the most effective workers in Gods Kingdom are those who would rather be in Heaven.


The person who is bored with God certainly got the wrong “God”.


There’s not one thing God made that is not wonderful in its design and engineering.

Wonderful means it inspires wonder about its Creator.


The superficial person is the product of a life lived in the shallow superficiality of living for themselves.


If religion could work then Jesus didn’t need to die.

If this world could work then Jesus wouldn’t need to bring His Kingdom.

Neither works. They’re broken and dead.

Check out the Bible.


Either the “vote counting” machines had a glitch which coincidentally always glitched in favor of Biden, or they were programmed to glitch in favor of Biden.

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