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In this life the only thing that’s real and lasting is the love of God in Christ Jesus.


Something everyone can ask themselves:

Is my life an appropriate response to the immense love of Christ?


A hundred years from now, what will you be doing?

Do you think that far ahead?


Someone asks, “Are you excited about the fall of Babylon?”

No, I’m excited about how God promised to deliver all His saints who “come out” of Babylon from the judgments coming to her. Excited to see how He will do that.


Imagine the shock for some world leaders when they stand before Jesus and discover He was the real world leader all along.


A rising political trend globally is that people are becoming more violent and only understand the language of violence. They can’t be reasoned with.


Christian, when you see the Antichrist I would hope you would be quite excited about it due to the fact that it signals Jesus’ coming is right at the door?


We are not saved by our works, but God’s work should be our top priority, as Jesus said, “I must be about my Father’s business”.


My observation has been that those who regularly have counterfeit spiritual experiences often go through a cycle of ecstasy and depression.

They are “flying in the heavenlies” one day, and nearly suicidal the next.

This pattern, alone, should convince them that their understanding of what constitutes spiritual experience is false.

And they should look at their own experiences objectively and ask, How has this profited me over the last 10 years?

What has been the nett benefit of all these experiences?

For some, if they are honest, its brought them to near insanity.

Often they’ve been taught to visualize the things they desire.

This gives the demons entrance as they bring that visualization into the actual spirit realm.

A guy might start doing it thinking it’s just in his mind, but then something takes over and it becomes real and tangible.

Astral travel is an example.


We can’t have love without repentance.

We can’t have faith without repentance.



America is an enigma because never in history have so many people in one place heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then decided to reject Him.


A gift or grace, by it’s very nature, can either be recieved or rejected.

The grace of God can be recieved or rejected.


In Christianity, some get messed up when others disappoint them or let them down.

But that’s not true Christianity to begin with.

True Christianity is to trust in Jesus Christ alone.


While we are still down here we’re “on the job”, so to speak.


The Bible never entertains the thought that man has the freedom to self determine what is right or wrong.


We would define a “Christian” as a follower of Jesus.

We would then need to define which “Jesus” we are referring to: the Biblical one, or the imaginary one.


“You supported Trump!”

Not exactly.

I support whoever represents the interests of Christians and helps protect their values and freedom.

Trump just happens to be the guy this time. It could be anyone.

We support the issues more than the person.

And I’m against anyone or anything which works against the values and freedom of Christians, whomever that may be.

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