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Only the very mature Christian has the composure and presence of mind not to become unravelled when personally insulted.

But as to why we take offense can get complex.

If it’s merely because someone is rude to us, then to take offense is rather puerile.

But when you are disappointed with that person because you expected so much better from them, then the offense takes on a different meaning.

Or if that person is indirectly insulting Jesus Christ by mocking his truth which you speak, our offense becomes justified.

But becoming unravelled is never justified.


Jesus gave MANY moral commands, and He said that only the person who keeps His commands loves Him.

If you go through all the many commands of Jesus and His Apostles you will not find even one command to keep the Sabbath Day.

He expected them to understand that He is the fulfillment of the Sabbath.

Rest on Saturday, if you like, and if we don’t rest at least once a week we will suffer spiritually and physically.

But don’t think you’re “keeping” the Sabbath as in fulfilling the demands of the law as one still under the law, and not under grace.


“BLESSED is the man who doesn’t walk in the counsel of the ungodly…” (Psalm 1:1a)

People have usually interpreted this to mean to not follow the advice of the ungodly.

That’s true, but it’s much more than that.

It means to not let the belief systems and twisted values of the ungodly influence your beliefs, values and way of life.

Don’t be indoctrinated by them.

Modern education, entertainment, and religion is all about indoctrination into an ungodly belief system.

Be aware of what the ungodly believe and “preach”, yet don’t be influenced by them.

That’s if you want God to bless you.


“Show me the evidence!!!”

(Is given 6 hours worth of evidence)

“Yeah… but I haven’t got time to go through that so show me the evidence!!!”



Can a person who believes that God accepts those who wilfully reject His Son, Jesus Christ, be a Christian?

Ask the Pope that.


Ever thought about God’s “rights”?

He could wipe out your nation in the next 30 seconds and be completely within His “rights”.


When Jesus Christ evaluates the ministry of a person, surely He is expecting to see many turn to righteousness, gladly forsaking their old life for eternal life?

Yet, it’s never about numbers.


The fruit and result of God’s blessings is supposed to be more love for Him.


The Republicans stand against globalism.

Globalism is not freedom. That’s just a facade.

It is centralized power and control by a few “privileged” individuals.


Where there is delusion, sin is always the root of it.


To believe that Jesus loves you also means you believe He has a plan for your life.


When mankind was faced with the command to repent of sin they thought about that for a moment and then had a bright idea: If we say it’s not sin, then we don’t need to repent. Simple!


Yesterday’s evil is today’s virtue, in the brave new world.

We call them “brave” because they’re seeing how far they can defy God and not get wiped out.


Unless the Holy Spirit teaches someone there’s no hope, because no one can teach themselves about God, and no one can teach anyone else unless the Holy Spirit is teaching them first.


When Jesus Christ is truly glorified in a person’s life then the true Body of Christ rejoices in that fact.


In the same way that an excellent restaurant wouldn’t really need to advertise in order to get customers, so are true God-given ministries in the Body of Christ.


The follower of Jesus rejoices that his sin has been put away forever, and then gladly puts away his own sins forever, overwhelmed with joy at the thought of never entertaining or indulging them again.


For us, our LIFE comes from Jesus Christ alone.

For others, their “life” comes from less reliable sources.


Jesus said if we don’t worship Him the rocks and stones will.

Not boring and depressing tunes which someone in the “worship industry” came up with, either.



So.. why then are we no longer obligated to keep the seven holy days or feasts instituted under the Old Covenant?

The only answer could be that Christ has made EVERY DAY holy by being the fulfillment of those feasts, which pointed to Him.

God once said to keep the seventh day holy.

This day of rest was a type and a shadow of the rest which God would give His people in Christ. In Christ we have rest from laboring to be acceptable to God, because He’s already accepted us. (See Colossians 2:16-17)

Then, in Christ, He made every day holy by virtue of making us holy, and therefore every day is to be kept holy unto the Lord.

There is no longer any external path to holiness. No external or symbolic adherence, but, now, from the heart, by the Spirit.

Now, for those in Christ, there is only a new creation.

(See Galatians 6:15)


When a Christian thinks of the future they think of forever.


Embarrassed about Jesus?

Or Jesus embarrassed about us?


Christian preaching and teaching is essentially supposed to be about explaining truths which one has experienced, lived out, and proved to be true in one’s life experience.


I find the fact that Jesus knows and understands me better than I know and understand myself very comforting.


The person who doesn’t know Jesus is truly alone, and desolately alone.

One day, when their time on earth is up, they have to take a journey, and they can’t take any companion with them on that journey, they have to leave even the closest behind and go alone, and they will never see their loved ones again, forever.

Not so, if you know the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you, even until the end of the world’.


More comments on the Sabbath

It’s like this, in God’s sight, something is either a sin or it’s not a sin.

Look at the Ten Commandments. If it’s an idol, it’s an idol, if it’s a lie, it’s a lie, if it’s a theft, it’s a theft, if its adultery, its adultery.

A person is either committing these sins, or they’re not.

Now, to BREAK the Sabbath, according to the strict stipulations God gave, would be a sin just like any other sin IF we were still “under the law”.

If you broke any of those stipulations, such as drove your car to church, or had a bath, even, you would be sinning just as much as if you were committing adultery or lying, or stealing.

IF Christians are still “under the law” then ALL are guilty of breaking the Sabbath law continually, which would mean all are still in habitual sin or rebellion against God, the same as if they were always lying, stealing or committing adultery, including the Seventh Day Adventists who also don’t keep all the stipulations for the Sabbath.

Remember, under the law, if you do anything on Saturday then you are sinning, and rebelling against God.

So, the people into this stuff are still under the law and not under grace, so they’re not saved.


UNDER the Law of God, anyone who did any kind of work on Saturday was to be put to death.


SO…. WHY don’t we put people to death for that anymore?

It IS the Law of God, so why don’t we execute Sabbath breakers – those who cook a meal or take a bath or drive to church on Saturdays?



If you are still under the law then you better execute yourself for continually breaking the requirements of the Sabbath law.


There are basically seven Holy Days commanded in the Old Testament.

No one could work on those days.

Now, why are these seven Holy Days totally absent from the New Testament?

Why do we find no record of Christians observing them or being commanded to?

Because they were fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

Had they not been fulfilled then we would be obliged to observe these days even now.


There will be…

“…mockers in the last time who will walk according to their own ungodly lusts. These are sensual persons, who cause divisions, not having the Spirit.” (Book of Jude)

The context here is concerning professing Christians.

The world has always lived by lust and not had the Holy Spirit.

So…. Jude is describing “Christians” in the last days.

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