Today’s Tweets

To Gospel proclaimers:

You’re doing the most important work on earth.


If you could understand Christians then you’d also be one.


“Tell me, you WHO DESIRE TO BE UNDER THE LAW, do you not hear the law?”

Galatians 4:21

We got a lot of lost souls today who desire to be under the law.


The spirit of the age is a violent spirit, even though they talk about love, it’s a fake love. The hypocrisy is just through the roof.

When a man rejects the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, he is going against what he knows is true, and he knows he’s a hypocrite, and the more his heart is hardened, and the more his conscience loses all feeling, the more violently he will protect his hypocrisy.


Faithfulness to God

  • Faithful to keep trusting God regardless of circumstances.
  • Faithful in holiness or heart matters – spiritual chastity.
  • Faithful in service for others.
  • Faithful stewardship of preaching the Gospel message and the word of God.

“…It is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”
(1 Cor 4:2)


If you’re trusting Jesus, He knows you are, and yet it’s a good thing to tell Him you are.


Pray for others the way you want them to pray for you.


Big issues for 2021:

Free speech.


Look out for immoral people setting the parameters for this.


If a person is not true to God they will be true to the devil.


Christ is the fulfillment of all the holy days in scripture therefore every day is holy.

And then, what about man-made holy days which are not even in scripture?

Have a think about it.

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