Today’s Tweets

THANKSGIVING to God for the suffering and death of His Son in our place.


Morality can’t be legislated, but take away the legislation and see what happens.


Biden just said, “Let us dream again”.

Note the use of “us”.

Ignoring the fact that half the nation doesn’t support him.

So, who is “us”?


Jesus didn’t need to advertise.

He WAS the advertisement.

We need to understand this for our personal life of ministry.


There is a Redeemer.

He has the scars to prove it.


No morals means no heart and fake love.


A small heart and a small mind are often found together.


Even if nobody knows you, Jesus knows you very well.


We have not cared for anyone whom Jesus has not cared for first.


In a just society all those people who looted, damaged property and assaulted people would have been prosecuted. You would have large numbers of Democrats in jail.


“My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him.”

Psalm 62:5


If you subscribe to a particular ideology, whether consciously or not, isn’t that your religion? Is there much of a practical difference between an ideology and a religion?


More vocab for my younger friends:


But not feigned dignity, the real thing.

Dignity in God, the true dignity which comes from knowing God, which He gives us, found in our identity in Christ Jesus.

The dignity which no one can take from us, except we, ourselves.

Check it out.


The Christian life, fellowship, family and church – everything that pertains to the life of a Christian is supposed to be the result or consequence of us being FILLED with the Holy Spirit, and nothing less.


Reducing your trust in man is okay if your trust in God is increasing.


There would be nothing quite like a guy in an expensive suit, who got rich leeching money out of people, preaching, ‘Deny yourself! take up your cross and follow Jesus!’.

It means to deny that which opposes the will of God.

Our sinful flesh opposes Gods will.

So we must deny that part of ourself which opposes Gods will.

Only then can we take up our cross, endure suffering, and follow Him.


The emotional trauma a Liberal may experience when they hear the truth of God’s word they then process as being “abuse”, but this is simply a self protection device to “protect” themselves from coming to terms with that truth.

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