Today’s Tweets

Imagine if you were put in solitary confinement for one year.

You might give anything to experience the joy of doing an honest day’s work.


Self glory robs God.

But to rob God of glory doesn’t mean He loses any glory.

We are the losers, not Him.


When we pray for folks, for anyone, good to pause a little and consider who they are, and the significance of their life, and how precious their soul is to God, and perhaps even “feel” God’s love for them as you pray.


Regarding propaganda

What I mean is, if you had watched CNN etc. over the last few years you would not have got the impression that half the nation enthusiastically supports Trump, would you?

You would have been programmed to think the majority hates Trump and the issues he stands for.


Too right you would.

You would have been falsely manipulated by them, played like a harp.

But it’s true the immoral only hear what they want to hear.


Half the nation supported Trump.

But the main stream media only supported Biden.

That sounds like propaganda, not journalism.

It sounds like massive discrimination against all journalistic efforts and writers who don’t toe the party line.

And perhaps it means half the nation no longer sees the main stream media as credible.


When a church fellowship breaks up and fails it’s due to the pillars or elders of that fellowship spiritually lacking.

The blame can’t be put on the devil, or those the devil uses to cause trouble and division.



“Covid has now become the pretext for unlimited government control over our lives”


THANKSGIVING, but to whom are we thankful?

If a whole nation was truly thankful to God then it would be a righteous nation.

But when millions of people pretend to be thankful to God, evidenced in how they live their lives, then they are bringing swift judgment on themselves, because Jesus can’t stand pretence.

THANKSGIVING for sanctification – God setting us apart from sin for Himself, and for more of it to come.


Live according to how your Creator wants and requires you to live.


God’s work is perfect.

His way is perfect.

His plan is perfect.

His timing is perfect.



With each passing day we’re one day closer to Heaven, so with each passing day we should be more conformed to Heaven.


Live and stay within the boundaries of scripture.


A vessel of the Lord need not be intellectual, but most certainly has to be a clean and pure vessel.


Enduring tough times makes us tougher.

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