What are “dead works”?

Anything spiritual that doesn’t spring forth from relationship to Jesus is a dead work.

Now….. why would anyone even bother to do spiritual stuff if the Holy Spirit were not in it?

“…how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your CONSCIENCE from dead works to serve the living God?” (Heb 9:14)

They are doing spiritual exercises or activities to try and get a good conscience, which means their conscience is guilty and defiled.

The fact they are trying to earn a good conscience reveals they have a bad conscience.

The text tells us that the Blood of Christ will cleanse our conscience, giving us a new and pure conscience, and therefore this new conscience no longer tries to earn God’s approval through religious or spiritual forms, which are dead works.

Looking at the totality of Hebrews 9 we see that, now, after Christ has shed His blood, keeping the OT ordinances is “dead works”.

“IIt was symbolic for the present time in which both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make him who performed the service perfect in regard to the conscience— 10 concerned only with foods and drinks, various washings, and fleshly ordinances imposed until the time of reformation.”

Hebrews 9:9-10

“Fleshly” here doesn’t mean sinful, it means physical.

Many Christians are trapped in such fleshly ordinances.

Those fleshly ordinances were commanded by God.

But Christians made up their own.

And that’s even more fleshly.

Note, they were imposed UNTIL Christ came, and He fulfilled them.

One Response to “What are “dead works”?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Perhaps some will misunderstand the opening statement.

    It’s anything SPIRITUAL which does not spring from the Holy Spirit which is dead works.

    Important to delineate between a spiritual exercise or form and normal functions of life.

    In other words, eating an ice cream without the Holy Spirits unction is not what we mean by dead works.

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