Christians and politics

On Christians and politics:

If it’s not spiritual to talk about politics then it’s also not spiritual to talk about food recipes, your house, your garden, cars, your work, world events or post pictures of yourself.

You would think.

I think the issue is, Is it permissible for Christians to discuss the realities of life?

And it would be ridiculous to say, No, it’s not permissible to discuss the realities of life – you can discuss gardening, cooking, or whatever, but please do not discuss the future of your nation because that is not spiritual.

It’s one reason why many people avoid Christians, because they think they’re idiots for making such rules.

The sad thing about Christian fringe groups is their main purpose seems to be to insulate Christians from the realities of life.

Do political issues divide?

There’s always two kinds of division, both good and bad division.

Bad division is over petty matters.

Good division is the separation of light from darkness.

“Oh no, your political views didn’t separate us, it’s that they revealed what kind of person you really are.”

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