Today’s Tweets

We need to draw our strength from the Lord Jesus.


It’s that season to get religious.

No one can fool God with religious platitudes. He’s never been fooled.


Religious seasons are simply just that, unfortunately.


On Judgment Day:

“Lord, I always believed in religion, it’s a good thing for people to have something to believe in… …but… …. I wasn’t expecting this!!”


When, by the grace of God, a Christian learns self control, then he can participate much more with God in His Kingdom work, and it becomes more of a work of God than a work of man.

Lack of self control limits or hinders Kingdom work and living.

Self control begins with the thought life and the tongue.


It’s always better to be aware of the truth than ignorant of it.


When people are not one in spirit they can’t be one in practical living any more than oil and water can be one.


The more we expend our energy on the things of life the less energy and inclination we have to seek the face of the Lord our God.


When they asked Jesus, are a lot of people saved? His answer was, ‘Few’.

The more we have contact with people around the world and are aware of where society is at the more this tragic truth is confirmed.

And we are not judging who is saved.

Ask people if they’re saved.

They will tell you.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.


Jesus cares about every person in the world.

You are no exception.

How do we know?

Because He said to tell every person in the world the Good News that He died for them and that they can be saved if they repent and believe on Him.


When you have eternal life you have no fear of death.


“Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” (John 5:19)

Then…. how much MORE for us that we acknowledge that we can do nothing truly spiritually transformative by ourselves?

And, if not by ourselves, then, how?

By doing what we “see” our Father doing.

It means He gives a knowing of what He is doing through us, and we are participating in His work.



To experientially know God has reconciled you and forgiven you.


Talk to Him.


Jesus is inclusive.

Meaning, He will also include you if you believe.


Looking at Revelation 17.

The Woman rides the Beast (vs 3).

The Beast turns on the Woman and destroys her (vs 16).

The Woman represents counterfeit Christianity.

The Beast represents satan.

Their cozy relationship ultimately comes to an end.

The Beast took the Woman where she wanted to go, helped her get the power and dominance she craved, and then betrays her.

Her deal with the devil turns sour.

We have seen this beginning to be played out for years now.

Those Christians who compromised the truth to be “successful” end up losing in the end.

Christian, is selling your soul to be popular and successful worth it?


Not against Christmas.

Not for it, either.


The more complexity we see in nature the more we should be in wonder of its Creator.


Was telling the kids last night, Don’t be afraid of spooks, it’s the spooks who should be afraid of you!


If you separate the word of Christ from Christ you end up with a false Christ.


Some are saying to Jesus, ‘I want to see you! I want a sign!’.

And Jesus is saying to them, ‘I want you to trust me! I want you believe what I promised!’.

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