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Jan 2020, no one predicted what would happen.

Jan 2021, no one has predicted what will happen.

As far as I’m aware.


This year we might get more interested in the Book of Revelation.


People whom you resented in 2020, you might feel empathy for in 2021.


New Year.

Jesus offers a NEW LIFE.

Limited time offer.

Trade your old life for a new one.


If you went to heaven this afternoon one thing you would notice is the extravagant wealth and opulence.


Not a good idea to allow people to come to power by fraud, if you don’t want such people in control of your life.

At least support those who can legally prevent it happening.


Only God knows how many people thought they would get right with God later in life, but their life was cut off suddenly, and they never did get right with Him.


Jesus is going to take His planet back.

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There’s no hope of having a civilized world apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just hoping things will get better is futile. Christ is the only hope.


It’s not that it’s hard to believe Jesus rose from the dead, it’s coming to terms with the ramifications of this fact which scares people. They would rather have Jesus still in the grave.


Do people avoid the Bible cause they’re scared of what they might learn there?


Our hope is not in this world, but, for now, we are living here so we are interested in what is happening in the world.

It is a fake spirituality to be willfully ignorant of what is happening.

There’s a lot of false equivalence goes on with Christians.

If you make a political comment such people will assume:

a. Your hope is in the world.

b. You look to men and not to Jesus.

c. You spend all your time thinking about politics.

d. You must be worldly.



Approximately 30% of the world’s population are supposed to be Christians.

How many obey Christ’s command to preach the Gospel?

And, for those who don’t, how do they justify it?

“I’m alright, Jack!” ??

They just don’t care about anyone except themselves?


If Jesus is my life, then, living for Him is my life – not a part of my life, but my life.

But if Jesus were not my life, and only a part of it, then I would need to try and figure out when to be religious and when not.



“The leading cause of death globally in 2020 was ABORTION … over 42 MILLION people killed”


“…Nothing between my soul and my Savior…”

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