Today’s Tweets

“In His presence is fullness of joy.”

Ah… that’s why we lack joy.


Our skin is a good covering for our skeleton. Very useful.


Jesus said the truth shall set you free.

So, if you’re not free it’s because you’ve not accepted the truth.


No one can force you to love Jesus.

And yet, the world will try and force you not to love Him.


“…But sanctify the lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear…”

(1 Peter 3:15)

‘Sanctify’ means to separate something exclusively unto God.

Each day we seek His face we sanctify Him anew in our hearts, and we’re sanctified and separated from all else and are in His service.


Sin destroys everything it infects.

It’s mankind’s only real problem.


An early sign we’re losing our love for God is when we no longer care about people’s souls.


If you belong to a commercial church then you’re a commodity.


Faith in Jesus Christ was always meant to be personal, not an impersonal formula or form.


“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition…”

(2 Thess. 2:3)

Unsaved or lost people can’t “fall away”. They were always away from God. It refers to a “departure” from the truth. You can’t depart from the truth if you never had the truth.

So, it’s professing Christians departing from the truth which allows the Antichrist to come to power.

It implies that it’s fake Christians who play a large part in helping the Antichrist come to power.


I followed some Prosperity Preachers on Twitter to see what they’re up to these days.

Nothing has changed.

When they open the Bible all they see is $$$$$$$.

They don’t see Jesus.


It’s an ‘interesting’ concept that there’s virtue in being ignorant of the state of the world.


Because God knows everything about every person He knows who loves Him.


Because Jesus knew who He was He was never intimidated by men or devils.


What does “God is holy” mean?

It essentially denotes He is an exclusive being – one of a kind, unique, “other”, in a class of His own, distinct from that which He has made. God is a being, and every other being was made by Him. So, whatever “gods” exist, they are not God, for God is holy. Likewise, nature is not holy, for it is simply something God has made – it’s not Him. He is not His creation. He is one thing, and His creation, another.

Then, what does it mean for us to “be holy”?

As only God is holy, then, holiness is understood in relation to this one Holy God – holiness describes a relationship to this true God, and, just as God is exclusive, a holy relationship is exclusive. If God is my God, and I have no other god, that is, I exclusively serve Him and no other, I don’t serve two masters, then that’s a holy relationship, and that’s what it means to “be holy as He is holy”.

Marriage, or Holy Matrimony, is a picture of this holy relationship to God because it denotes an exclusive relationship between two, excluding all others. Two shall be one flesh. If one more joins the relationship then it’s no longer holy, it is defiled.

So, if our affections or loyalty is divided between God and anything else, we are not holy.

The Bible explicitly tells us that Jesus is the eternal Son of God, was with God and is God, so, there is a relationship within God between the Father and the Son.

Jesus prayed to His Father, and His Father spoke to Him.

This is an eternal relationship.

It means that “God is holy” also refers to a holy relationship within God.

This also explains how God is love.

Because the Father loves the Son, and the Son, the Father.

So, when God brings us into Christ at our conversion, we are then holy by virtue of being in the Holy one.


It’s day 3 and the “prophets” seem more subdued than last year. This time last year they were prophesying a whole bunch of stuff which turned out phony.

Now they will play it safer and the emphasis will be on ambiguous prophecies which can mean anything you want them to mean.

It’s a sign of God’s impending judgment on Babylon.


The object of our faith is the Father, through His Son.

Nothing less.

Because we are His children.


For me, I can say the value of my life revolves around people, not possessions.


It’s a new year and we’re looking ahead and praying God’s will be done, and also accepting the fact that great evils will continue and increase in the world, but only to the extent that God permits. Praying God’s will be done doesn’t mean expecting the world to get better, because He has already decreed what will happen, and His words will be fulfilled.

But this fact doesn’t justify complacency or resignation.

When we think of God’s will, think of God’s work and purpose in gathering and purifying a people for Himself in His Son.

If we are committed to doing and participating in what God is doing then we pray His will be done accordingly.


The Holy Spirit is moving all over the world, in every continent, every city, every town, night and day, tirelessly.


Believing in Jesus is not as unusual as some make it out to be when you consider that 30% of the world’s population identify as Christians.


The noted revivalist, Jonathan Edwards, once quipped that he had made a decision in life to only do that which gives glory to God. It’s an absolutely Biblical injunction, however, Christians have never been too agreed as to what glorifies God and what doesn’t, on some issues.

Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful exhortation, and a very noble exercise, to examine whether every aspect of our lives glorifies God, whether directly or indirectly.

For example, does brushing your teeth glorify God? It sure can if you’re thankful to Him you’ve got teeth, and thankful He gave you the wisdom to take care of them.

Does friendly humor glorify God? It sure can when it’s an expression of love and building good will. He gets the glory for that.



Aren’t you glad that after reading the New Testament you’ll no longer be mystified over whether something is right or wrong in the sight of God?


Talkng last night:

Good deeds don’t save, but you wouldn’t then say, ‘Because good deeds don’t save, it doesn’t matter whether you do good or evil’, would you?

In the same way, getting baptized doesn’t save, but you wouldn’t then say, ‘Because baptism doesn’t save, it doesn’t matter whether you get baptized or not’, would you?

Anything Jesus said to do, or not to do, matters.

It depends on what we think about Him, whether we love, honor and worship Him.


Jesus never called anyone to walk alone, but to walk with Him.


God is where it’s at.


Just a little context, it’s not Trump who believes the election was rigged, it’s half the country who believes it, according to polls. But the mainstream media makes it out to be Trump’s fantasy.

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