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There are terrible days ahead. Abide in Christ. And, if you do, you are not a pawn, a victim of circumstance or a feather on the wind, but more than a conqueror through Him.


In a new video the Pope makes another call for human fraternity amongst all faiths, and again he presents a false dichotomy which denies the teaching of the New Testament.

The Pope is implying that to love people one must affirm their beliefs and not proclaim to them Jesus Christ as the only Savior. Disagreement is labeled as “fighting”.

This is in no way a Biblical position, but a very deceptive one. He is redefining love on his own terms. By his definition, to simply read out what Jesus Christ said would be unloving and against human fraternity.

How does he figure that to simply repeat what Jesus said amounts to fighting people?

He is judging Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ claimed to be the only way to God.

Christians are only repeating what Jesus said.

So, if you don’t like that message, don’t hate the messengers, hate the one who said it.


What’s the greatest thing that can happen on planet earth?

It’s when a person repents and believes on Jesus Christ and receives eternal life.


Only the Bible definitively tells you what will happen to you after you die.

Just in case anyone is interested in what will happen to them after they die.


The western world is divided into two, and both sides say they want freedom. One wants the freedom to commit various evils and force those values on others, while the other wants the freedom to live by Biblical values and standards without censorship or harassment.


The only famous person I know is Jesus.


The thing to rejoice most in is when Jesus is glorified.


When a person can smile and lie, or be happy committing evil, then they have the evidence within them selves that their conscience is dead.

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