Today’s Tweets

The devil’s greatest achievement is when he can speak to someone and cause them to believe it is God’s voice they are hearing.


One example of a FREE PERSON is when satan tries but fails to get them to disobey God.

Jesus is such a free person.

And He said, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed”.


Have faith in God because He’s the only one we can have faith in.


Remember that at this moment the greatest concern for a significant sector of humanity is where their next meal will come from.


Don’t degrade yourself by returning evil for evil.


Christian, you know that the only thing which kept you from dropping into hell was the sheer mercy of God?


When Jesus spoke the truth to the Pharisees their immediate reaction was hate, and to plot to kill Him.

Jesus knew what their reaction would be, but He didn’t hesitate to speak the truth to them anyway.

Jesus was not political.

He didn’t weigh up first whether people would like His message, and neither did He tailor it to suit the hearers.

And yet He warned us not to cast our pearls before swine, lest they turn and attack us.


Christians are concerned but not worried.


Because God exists and created us everything has a moral dimension to it. If someone steals your car or punches you in the face you just might have a moral objection. It is a moral issue only because God exists and you were created by Him. And in the same way, God has a moral objection to us disregarding His commands. Therefore it would be a mistake to relegate moral issues as merely religious issues.

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