Election prophecy fiasco

“All things work together for good for those who love the Lord.”

How can false prophecies that Trump would win “work together for good”? Is there any “silver lining”?

Yes. By causing people to trust less in men and more on Jesus Christ.

It can have a purifying effect.

It can be a great searchlight used by God to reveal false prophets and teachers.

A list should be made of all who prophesied that Trump would win.

It’s not to hate these people, but it’s for the sake of coming to terms with reality.

Those of them who are truly sorry and publically repent should be accepted into fellowship. They should desist from making further predictions.

It’s better to be disturbed by the truth than pacified by a lie.

Did anyone prophesy that Biden would win?

No one wanted Biden to win so no one considered that God might allow something which they don’t want.

It reveals a foundational spiritual weakness, when people put their faith in wishful thinking. They’ve created an idol. Idols are created to give you what you want. That’s their purpose and function.

God is doing a mighty work, bursting many such bubbles.

We have to ask why so many want to make predictions? It’s to promote themselves.

And why do so many love to hear predictions?

2 Responses to “Election prophecy fiasco”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Another thing…

    Those who prophesied falsely that Trump would win say the Holy Spirit told them that Trump would win. For some, it was a real spiritual experience they had.

    Now they have to come to terms with the fact that what they thought was the Holy Spirit was a lying, demonic spirit.

    They have to come to terms with the fact they have communed with demons while thinking it is the Holy Spirit.

    This is the reality they must face if they are to be delivered from delusion.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    From Mike Winger:

    I watched all last year as various “prophets” gained huge online followings by telling everyone, in the name of the Lord, what was going to be happening throughout the year and with the election.

    I had major suspicions about these people for a number of reasons but I didn’t have proof. So I waited. I waited for months and months. I would occasionally check in with what they were saying and always felt the same. “I don’t think this is right but I don’t want to speak too soon.”

    Now I’m done waiting.

    They were wrong. Pretty much ALL of them. Many of these people were guests on Sid Roth’s show, which has shot to YouTube prominence through various prophecy videos that seem now to be proven false.

    Now, many of them are trying to find a way to recover from their mistake while keeping the following they have gained and their status as “prophet”.

    My encouragement to all of you, for whatever it’s worth, is that you dismiss every single one of them as unreliable people who do not speak for God. That you ignore them completely in the future and that you hold fast to the Bible because we know for sure that God has spoken through it.

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