Today’s Tweets

When you plan for the future it’s wise to make allowance for “acts of God”, as the insurance industry calls them.


A Christian believes God will do what He said.


If you are trusting Jesus Christ then you’re my brother or sister.

When Jesus said whoever believes is saved it’s obviously implied that whoever genuinely believes is saved.


Faith comes into its own during hard times. It’s a wonderful gift from God.


Everyone needs to have the mind of a lawyer now not to be entangled by illogical false arguments.


The term “theology” does serve a useful purpose, but not as a subset of life. How one lives is also one’s “theology”.


I take it all the Democrat riots have ceased now that Joe won?


Real “Nazis” are antisemitic, control the media, and ban free speech.

You can figure out who they are.

Trump and conservatives are to the Dems what Jews were to the Nazis. It is an irrational hatred.

Try to analyze the hatred for Trump by the Left.

Trump only had to do a few things to earn their praise.

a. Support abortion.

b. Praise the LGBTQ

c. Do whatever globalists require him to do.

d. Instead of Tweeting invectives, Tweet fake political overtures for every cause and demand.

Instant love.


Orwellian America

Biden has accused Trump of being a threat to democracy.

When the mainstream media serves one political party then it is a threat to democracy.

When Big Tech controls free speech then it is a threat to democracy.

All who commit voter fraud are a threat to democracy.

Then, the thought that the mainstream media’s allegiance to one political party is merely a wild conspiracy theory, because it is, in reality, very fair, balanced and unbiased – it’s absurdity added to absurdity.

Are all the Senators who tried to investigate the legality of votes enemies of democracy for doing so?

Half the US population believes the election was rigged. Are these all enemies of democracy also?


A broad spectrum of opinion is VITAL if democracy is to survive.

If you want to censor every contrary opinion to yours, then it could be YOU who is the real fascist.


If or when Big Tech gains full control of information then truth and democracy has died.


Protesters assaulting police.

Over the past 12 months:

The total number of Democrats who have assaulted police officers is _ ??

The total number of Republicans who have assaulted police officers is _ ??

Please fill in the blanks.

Fair question?

A question which explodes the fake narrative the Dem media is trolling?


Speak the truth while you can.

It wouldn’t be nice, if, in the future, you looked back on these days and say, “Back then I had the freedom to speak out but I didn’t use that freedom. Now, I want to speak out but that freedom has been taken away”.


Life is to be connected to the One who lives forever.


To believe in Jesus, and not believe in yourself, doesn’t make you insecure. To the contrary, it makes you rock solid.

Paul explained a paradox in his life: “When I am weak, then I am strong”.


To my non-Christian friends:

Would you say you understand what Jesus said and taught?


The last defiant rebel screams at God, “I AM the arbiter of morality! NOT you!”



Ultimately, it’s only the “opinion” of Jesus Christ which matters.


Perhaps you’d like to be a Christian but you fear the disapproval of your friends?


Why is God’s grace amazing?

Because it saved a wretch like me.

Saved by grace.


There will always be those who are frustrated that you won’t jump through their hoops.


Regardless of human judgments, God has the last word.

God will have the last laugh, and it’s no joke.


When someone is lied about, those who have character will speak up.


Hate blinds.


One of the things we can learn from the New Testament is that the early church prospered, thrived and grew under great persecution, so we can also thrive under persecution, if need be, if we have the same Holy Spirit and the same faith.


Perhaps the greatest manifestation of true love is when we desire for our fellow man to know Jesus.

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