Today’s Tweets

Jesus is the One.

He is the one we should love.

And if we reject Him, He is the one we should fear.

No one else.


A life free from condemnation.

“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (Rom.8:1)

So those who habitually sin live in a perpetual state of condemnation.


Any kind of prejudice is the equivalent of racism.


Assess your life by how well you know Jesus Christ.


“…Desolations are determined.”

(Daniel 9:26b)


The only real problem is to have a problem with obeying Jesus Christ.


The love of Jesus is the only cure.


As you scroll and read there’s many names which pass before your eyes, and then God’s love light shines on a name and you instinctively pray for that person. This is the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God on Facebook.


One thing we will all notice on Judgment Day is that our Judge bears the scars of crucifixion.


To my non-Christian friends:

What does your conscience tell you about God and where you stand in relation to Him?

And if your conscience does indeed signal that something’s wrong, will you attend to it?

Does your conscience witness to the truth that, that which the Bible teaches is wrong is indeed wrong?

See, because if your conscience witnessed that there is no absolute right and wrong before God, then you’re on your own.

But there’s still hope you can receive God’s grace in Jesus Christ if you change your mind.


What do you think about living with Jesus forever?


Live by faith in the Son of God.


If Trump had won the election whole cities would be burning now.

Its totally reasonable to assume that if cities were burning solely in protest of Trump, that it would get much worse if he won the election.

And we know Trump was the object of the riots because the social issues in question are very old issues, and how many people blamed Obama or Clinton for the racism going on back then? Any proof racism got worse after Trump came to power?


There are no political solutions.

Simply don’t support anti-Christian policies or leaders.

Simple. Yes?


Just observing where things have come to.

To care about what’s happening doesn’t equate with believing there are political solutions to the world’s problems.


Don’t worry, I’m not getting political, just jotting down passing thoughts.


It’s dangerous for people to ascribe their party as GOOD and the opposition party as EVIL, so that a political battle is a battle of good over evil.

This is unfortunately happening on both sides.

I’ve always said it’s NOT about Trump or Christian Nationalism.

It’s about fundamental moral issues.

So it’s better to discuss the issues.

But now you can’t without being censored.

…Which leads to the topic of what constitutes “offensive” material?

In a free country you would be allowed to communicate any teaching of the Bible without being threatened by others because they find it “offensive” or “hate speech”.


If Donald Trump incited insurrection by claiming the election was not legally valid, then so has half the nation incited insurrection for believing the same thing.


If Vladimir Putin were to lecture on democracy a lot of people might take him seriously.

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