Today’s Tweets

You started life as a single cell.

God is a God of wonders.


Everyone has to live by faith.

We’re all in this together.


Be meek and gentle, but not pushed around by people.

In Jesus we see strength in meekness. The meekest man is also the toughest man.


The greatest thing a person can do is glorify their Creator.

And He knows who glorifies Him.


It’s a staggering thing that God hears our prayer.

Say, ‘Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayer’.


More can be achieved through prayer than by any other means.


How many people are now the product of propaganda?


Whoever you are, Christ died for your sins on the Cross.

Do you believe it?


Brothers and sisters, are we fulfilling our calling?


Seeing that the subject of political coup is current, have you considered that the whole world is a failed coup attempt against the Kingdom of Christ? Failed miserably. Tried to live without God. Crashed hard.

Lucifer carried out the first coup in history, failed, and the rest is history.

The One World Order will be the final coup, and greatest failure of a coup against God.


A good night’s sleep is one of the rewards of an honest day’s work.



“Free speech is allowed as long as you are not a Conservative.”


How politics touches the Christian world.

Someone says Christians shouldn’t have political opinions.

I ask them, How would you feel if your 9 year old son came home from school and said that after his gender class he felt that now he should have his penis cut off?

They reply, That would be dreadful!

Then I say to them, But now you’re being political, aren’t you?

In your view aren’t these just political issues, and Christians shouldn’t be political?


It’s not the state of its military defences which makes America vulnerable to attack, it’s its spiritual condition which makes it vulnerable, because when a nation turns it’s back on God it also rejects His protection.


Racists come in every shade of color.

Most of the time the racist card is played just for cheap political gain.


If you’re going to hold Trump responsible for the Capitol breach, then I hope you’re going to hold Biden responsible for all the riots, murders, assaults, and businesses burned or looted over the past year?

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