Today’s Tweets

Christian, if you’re sharing God’s word, never underestimate the value, significance and power of what you’re doing.


No one can stop God pouring out His wrath on the earth because He has decreed He will do it.

Choose today to escape the wrath to come.


The Christian who bemoans that kids are indoctrinated in evil at school but refuses to vote is a stupid Christian.


Someone says, Jesus heals all who come to Him in faith.

But this would mean every person who had a terminal illness and sincerely asked Jesus to heal them, and He did not, and they died of that illness, lacked faith. ??

It can’t be as simple as that.



Agreed that the Bible teaches separation of church and state.

Christians, individually, can have a great influence in every sphere of society, as shining as lights in the world and as being the salt of the earth.

Christianity was never meant to be an organization.


“All things work together for good” means, God works all the things we encounter and experience in this life for good, for His purpose in us. The hard stuff you’ve experienced over the past week, He has worked for good in your heart. We learn the hard way.

This only applies if you are His.


The issues at stake in America can’t even be thoroughly addressed without one being censored. The Trolls will deplatform you.


It’s a shame on humanity that we need to be convinced about God, or convinced we need God, or convinced we’ve sinned against Him. It shows how perverse our natural state is.


How can someone be devoutly religious but baffled by the question, “Are you saved?” ?


How can an individual Christian stand and not be destroyed by the one who has deceived the whole world, murdered millions, and stirred up nation against nation?

By ourselves? No chance.

But as a new creation in Christ, seated with Him and filled with His Spirit, then it is possible if we believe.

It’s possible because Christ promised it.


Someone said, “Christianity is easily debunked”.

For sure, a lot of stuff in Christianity can be debunked.

But true Christianity is to love, trust and obey the PERSON of Jesus Christ.

Can you debunk the Person of Jesus Christ?

I know there’s a minority who believe Jesus did not exist, or, the whole account of his life, death and resurrection is merely a myth.

But the majority of thinkers over history have acknowledged Jesus as the greatest figure in human history.

As well, it’s hard to debunk the so many lives that have been transformed by Him, my own included.

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