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Here’s another paradox:

Christ gives us the power to control ourselves.


Christ is the Redeemer.

He is in the business of redeeming.

Do you need redeeming?


Imagine being remembered by posterity for only one achievement: that you were not Trump.


Acting in the country’s interests is certainly better than acting against its interests.

You would think?


God uses the devil as part of His overall purpose, which is why He has allowed him to hang around, and has not removed him, yet, this doesn’t mean anyone should support the devil or his works.

God used the enemies of Israel to chastise Israel when they backslid, but that wouldn’t have been any basis for the Israelis to start supporting those who wanted to destroy them.


The future belongs to Jesus Christ, therefore, sin does not have a future.


Do you care for anyone’s soul?


If I was President Trump’s speech writer I would have written in the farewell speech:

“Indeed, America is perhaps the greatest society in history by criteria such as wealth and personal freedom, but let’s not forget that it has also been the greatest exporter of filth, infecting people in every nation, and that nearly every false Christian movement, cult and false doctrine had its origin here, corrupting Christians in every nation. Let’s not forget America continues to lead the way in moral depravity.

So let’s pray, God have mercy on America, and may there be a remnant who know and live for Jesus Christ.”

…something like that.

I think many people in America have no idea how much their nation influences the whole world.

Much of “church” stuff around the world is Americanized.

Only, in Africa they took it much further, to even more bizarre levels.

Where did Christians get the idea that it’s okay to turn your “ministry” into a money making business and marketing machine?

It started in America.

People thought that anything American must be good.


You couldn’t even lay out the fundamental differences between Liberal and Conservative beliefs without risking arrest.


If you start giving amnesty to existing illegal aliens then all the new arrivals will demand it also.


How does making political comments point people to Jesus?

Firstly, posting selfies and what you had for lunch doesn’t exactly point people to Jesus, either.

If people are not thinking much, things which encourage them to think can be helpful. An unthinking Christian should be encouraged to think.

How did Jesus point people to Jesus?

Repentance from sin was a big part of His message.

He wanted people to know that they must repent of sin if they are to enter the Kingdom of God.

The practical governing of the Jews at that time was by the religious hierarchy. They dealt with governing the practical issues of society more than the Romans. Remember Pilate told the Jews that they are the ones who should judge Jesus according to their own law? (John 18:31)

The Gospels clearly reveal Jesus exposing the hypocrisy and corruption of society and those who led it. It would be the equivalent today of Him exposing hypocrisy and double standards among political leaders and their policies.

How did that point people to Jesus?

It challenged and convicted people.

At least, it convicted those who were able to be convicted.

He showed what people needed to repent of.

So, today, in the real world, we have people who are faced with personal choices concerning good and evil.

If the new generation really has no concept of what the Bible describes as good and evil, how can they repent?

How can they be pointed to Jesus if they have no concept to begin with that they commit evil and approve of it?

Without true repentance they won’t have a true conversion, and whatever Christianity they follow will bring shame and dishonor to Jesus holy name.

So, discussing moral issues facing society can be a foundational thing, a springboard to point people to Jesus.

And most political issues these days are deeply moral issues, and they reveal where people are really at before God.


Never get frustrated that a blind man can’t see what you see.


Things Conservatives can learn from the election:

Many were emphatically saying “we will win”. President Trump often boldly declared that he will win.

This is not faith, it is arrogance.

This is the first lesson to learn by such a defeat.

To learn a little humility before God.

Christians never need to concern themselves with winning anything.

They only need to be concerned about doing what is right in God’s sight and trusting Him, acknowledging Him, and then leaving the results to Him.

This is a Sunday School lesson for Christianity in America, and for President Trump.


Imagine the hypocrisy of putting your hand on the Bible and swearing when you hate most of what it teaches and don’t recognize it as God’s word?


Unified in what?

“…That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other.” (Luke 23:12)

Do you know what brought Pilate and Herod together?


False equivalence:

a. Right wingers falsely prophesied Trump would win.

b. Therefore…. this means every allegation of corruption committed by the Left must also not be true.

That’s how it will be spun.


How do politics and Christianity intersect?

When Christians have been brainwashed by a false political narrative.


It was the “defeat” American conservatives desperately needed, in my opinion, and that’s why God allowed it.

Of course, true Christians are never defeated.


a. When Christians fail it brings reproach to Jesus.

b. When Christians fail, non-Christians can read the Bible and decide whether the Christian faith stands or falls upon the performance of Christians, or whether it purely stands or falls by the facts of the life, the word, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For me, when Christians fail it does not cause me to doubt Jesus, because my faith is in Him, not in Christians.


More on the politics issue.

Your nation is falling apart.

You’re in church.

You raise the issue that your country is falling apart.

The Pastor censors you and says, We don’t discuss politics here.

Disney Church.


From this day on, everything that’s wrong in America will be Biden’s fault.

Tell me what’s wrong with this logic?

Shall we be consistent in our logic?

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