Today’s Tweets

Watch out for people redefining “freedom”.

This will be done to take away your freedom in the name of “freedom”.

I don’t trust any definition of freedom which is not a Biblical definition.


It’s always Gods will to do right and speak the truth.

That’s the only thing Christians need to do and be concerned with.

American Christianity has bred a pragmatic understanding.

For example, Christians may have been speaking out on issues, not because it’s the truth and the right thing to do, but rather, to try and get Trump reelected.

When Christians please the Lord, then, win or lose, they can’t lose.


The charismatic movement offered freedom from tradition, but it also created a new tradition, or formula, and people are just as much in bondage to the new formula as they were to the old.




Someone who doesn’t keep their word?


Just observing, it looks like democracy is truly dying across the globe. For each major world power it seems unlikely there will ever be another free and fair election.


Democracy gives people the option of voting democracy out of existence.


Free speech proponents banning you if you disagree with them.

Welcome to the new world.


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Denial is the same antisemitism which led to the Holocaust.

A vast section of world society denies it ever happened.

We can’t mention names because of the Trolls.


The promises of God are as sure as anything is sure. There is nothing more sure.


When Jesus is more to us than life itself, then we really live.


Bidenists have their own conspiracy theories, like Trump inciting insurrection, and people who voted for Trump are racists and terrorists etc.


All the riots last year, was that insurrection against a democratically elected government?


Jesus, through His death, and the shedding of His blood, gave everyone equal access to God.

Even you.


The Bible warns us of a great falling away prior to Jesus return.

Do we take the warning personally to heart?

Or just see the warning as applying to others and not ourselves?


When someone’s world view is built on a lie, we gently try to deconstruct and then reconstruct on the foundation of Christ.


If Christ is in you then there’s a perpetual state of reference to Him.

No longer is your life compartmentalized into spiritual and non spiritual.

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