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When a Christian family prays together, and over a number of years God answers their prayers, then they aren’t your ordinary family.

In a Christian family, as you pray together, and as the kids grow up, they see God answer so many prayers, so they’re raised with an awareness of how real God is.


If you’re “in Christ”, God has got you covered.



Even a “little” delusion is dangerous for Christians.


It’s only the restraining power of God which has kept cold blooded killer world leaders from a first strike nuclear attack.

But He will not restrain them indefinitely.


If you were living in Jesus’ time and saw all the miracles He did with your own eyes, would you have followed Him, and believed He is the Son of God?


Don’t think of yourself as a white man or a black man. Think of yourself as a man.


This age won’t be over until every Bible prophecy has been fulfilled and Jesus has returned to judge the world.


If you’re ready to die, you’re ready to live.


The world is not an illusion, it’s real, and yet it’s still nothing in comparison to Christ’s eternal kingdom.


Supernatural joy is the Father registering His good pleasure in you by His Spirit.

Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

It is then a supernatural manifestation.

If we grieve the Holy Spirit then He registers grief, not joy.

If we trust and obey He registers joy – His joy.


Our hearts are purified by faith.

See Acts 15:9


Derogatory and misleading term used by fascists:

“Lack of inclusivity”


If I make a remark about the state of the world:

a. No, it doesn’t mean I’m angry or wounded.

b. No, it doesn’t mean I’m worried.

c. No, it doesn’t mean I think I can change the world by making remarks on Facebook.

d. No, it doesn’t mean I’m surprised by what’s happening.

e. No, it doesn’t mean I’m depressed or discouraged.

f. No, it doesn’t mean I’m lacking faith or have negative thinking.

g. No, it doesn’t mean I’ve taken my eyes off Jesus and put them on the world.

h. No, it doesn’t mean I no longer believe that only the Gospel changes lives.


Have you passed from death into life?



“Forgiveness does not mean excusing.”


“Love suffers long…”

1 Corinthians 13:4a


The truth should never be a problem to you, right? Unless you believe the truth is a lie.


Thank God for those who care about you.


The disobedient never enjoy the glorious liberty of the sons of God.


A relational church only exists by the set of relationships it comprises.

As people’s hearts grow colder and more selfish, then real and deep friendships disappear, and the Biblical pattern of church disappears with it, replaced by a non-relational system.


In a New Testament patterned church every person has an opportunity to speak.

No one can say they had a word from the Lord but they weren’t allowed to share it.


“And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.”

1 John 5:11-12

Eternal life is not an independent possession one possesses independent of God. It’s not a “substance” which exists apart from God. It’s not a commodity God gives.


The relationship is eternal life.

And, we, as a new creation in Christ, are not independent of God: our being totally derives from being IN Christ.

If we left Christ, and He left us, we would no longer be a new creation. In fact, we would be worse off than if we never knew the Lord.

When God gives us eternal life, this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life.

Therefore, if a person then rejects the Son they no longer have eternal life. If they reject the Son, they reject eternal life.


Both the far Left and far Right run purely on propaganda.

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