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If a person is pure, holy and true, having the true love of Christ, possessing the Spirit of Christ, full of faith in Christ, fearlessly proclaiming Jesus, then they have a heavenly beauty which far surpasses any mere external, superficial beauty.


Christian, if you have spiritual life in you, then that life could not have originated with you, because you were previously spiritually dead in your sins. Before, you were dead, you had no life.

So, where does the new life you enjoy come from?

You have life from above, the life of Christ, it’s no longer you that live but Christ who lives in you.

You don’t just possess a commodity called “life”, you possess the Author of life, the One who is the way, the truth and the life.

The Holy Spirit is sent from Heaven (1Peter 1:12) and He will take you back to where He came from.

In the meantime, the One in you is from Heaven, revealing the things of God through the lens of God’s holy word.

So don’t try to live two lives: one with the Holy Spirit, and another, by yourself.

He, and the life He gives, are inseparable.

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom. 8:2)


A Liberal says, Christians can’t agree on what they believe, they are divided.

Answer. If they don’t believe every verse of the Bible then they’re not a Christian.

All true Christians believe the whole Bible. If you open to any verse, they believe that verse. They might have slightly different interpretations, but they believe it.

So, all true Christians agree on that level, and are not divided.


As God’s grace to us is undeserved favor we should never act or think like we deserve it.


Giving your time is giving a part of your life.

Wasting someone’s time is stealing a part of their life.

Wasting your own time is wasting a part of your life.


In respect to God’s Kingdom, don’t be in two minds as to what you really want. Know what you want. It should be what He wants.


The present Left wing political persecution of Christians for their beliefs:

It has come to the point, where, if one holds Biblical moral values then one is falsely accused of infringing on the rights of those who hold different views.

If you turn on TV and you hear something against your beliefs, is that program infringing upon your beliefs?

Of course not.

If we share our beliefs and someone accuses us of infringing upon their beliefs then they’re unhinged.

What gives you the right to infringe upon the rights of others?

How is this justified?

Do you claim a divine right to do it?

Or is it the person with the biggest mouth or stick, or cleverest argument, who prevails over the rights of others?


A very famous evangelical pastor is grilled for becoming very wealthy from his ministry.

I think the pertinent issue is not the amount, but the manner in which he obtained the money.

Its spiritual prostitution to profit financially from delivering a message which is supposed to be from God.


Christian, if we are not in fellowship we should either seek a church to be a part of, or be presently active in being the church by building friendships in the Lord.


Christian, compare your actions when you have the joy of the Lord with your actions when you don’t have His joy.


“Religious beliefs” ?

Are there any beliefs which are NOT ultimately religious or spiritual in nature?


The questions of life are ultimately answered in Jesus Christ.

But you may not like the answer He gives.


Even a small victory can be a source of rejoicing.


“Nuclear war with China or Russia a ‘real possibility,’ STRATCOM commander warns” unquote

Personally, I don’t think even the best deterrence measures will deter crazed dictators.


X – All religions worship the same God!

Y – How do you know that for a fact?

X – Ummm?

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