Today’s Tweets

Our mind is where we need to hit the “delete” button very fast.

Then we’ll be good at deleting the bollocks on social media.


There’s guys I pray for of which I pray the Lord will show them the emptiness of their life, and reveal Himself to them.

When we pray for folks, pray that everything restricting the wonderful ministry of the Holy Spirit in their life be removed.


The Left wants to impose their morality, and the Right, theirs.


The glory of God is our rule for life.


In God’s economy, the greatest thing you could ever do in this life you can do today.


God’s original intention for the church was a bunch of friends who like to be with each other, and not an institution.

Thing is, the friends can’t figure out how to “do it” without the one with the biggest mouth taking over, so they go to an institutional church.


The main political subject now is hypocrisy. Every issue coming up seems to be an issue concerning hypocrisy.


Do you care that He cares about you?


In one sense, God forgave all sinners when He gave His Son to bear the sin of the whole world, and we arrive much later on the scene and recieve that forgiveness by faith in Jesus Christ, a forgiveness already established, a finished work, therefore a certainty for those who believe, rather than the uncertainty of waiting for an answer as to whether God will forgive you, as if His forgiving you were an arbitrary act, and your case a special case, where you would have to ascertain whether He wants to forgive you or not.

But of course, the one who does not receive Christ’s reconciliation is not reconciled, and the wrath of God remains on them.


It must be hard to be an unbiased “fact checker”.



The history of mankind is mostly war.


So, you traded Trump’s nasty Tweets and ego for an ideological Orwellian nightmare? Big mistake.

If Trump is responsible for Jan 6, then Biden is responsible for all the violence of 2020, and even now.

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