Today’s Tweets

Study every person in the Bible who was specifically blessed by God.

God never changes.


When someone calls for unity, but it means conforming to their unreasonable demands or beliefs, then, no thanks.


One of the more profound questions in life:

What are you looking for?

Or, whom are you looking for?

Or, what are you searching for?

Jesus asked people that several times.

He asked them, when they went out to see John the Baptist, what they were expecting to see? or, what they were looking for?


“Follow the science”….

…unless you happen to consult your horoscope, practice yoga, believe in the power of crystals, tarot, yin and yang, ….the list goes on…


When we believe that God has given us access to Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ, an access paid for in His Blood, then we use that access with great joy and wonder in the fact that now we have access to the Throne of God.

And what a scenario when someone has been given access to God but doesn’t use it!


Have you ever noticed, as a scientific principle, that things don’t make themselves? Especially, out of nothing?


Conservative voices can be a good influence, but they can’t make the world right.


Is every one else’s life as precious to us as our own life?


To Christians who only share Memes: we want to hear what the Lord is teaching you. I usually don’t bother to read the Memes any more. If you share from your heart, I’m interested.


You’ll encounter very vicious people, but you’ve gotta be stronger than them, always taking the moral high ground, not repaying evil for evil, but feeling sorry for them.

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