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True Christian faith shapes everything about a person because it means God is working in them.


For a true Christian, there’s not one verse in the Bible which does not resonate inside them as being God’s word.


God’s word speaks to God’s people.


The Bible describes a coming point in history where various natural phenomena such as weather, earthquakes and famine increase to a point where man knows it’s not natural, it has to be God, and scientists will be baffled. We are not there yet, but it’s close.


Foreknowledge is not as simple as it might appear.

a. God knows the future.

b. God knows what people will decide.

c. God also plans the future, it’s not as if He is merely a spectator who knows what will happen but is not involved in making it happen.

d. Impossible to fully comprehend.

e. God knows what people will choose, but He is not forcing their choice.

f. God can cause people to do His will without forcing them.

g. If there is no free will then man is not accountable, he is just a robot.

h. And on the other hand, if man has the capacity within himself to reach God, then he doesn’t need God’s help to reach God, and he could boast that he reached God by himself.


Everything is in relation to God.


A follower of Jesus attends to the business of the Holy Spirit every day. His business is their business.


A prayer to God.

“You will be my Father.

And I will be your son/daughter.”


Imagine if everyone just rolled over and there was no one to keep public figures accountable?

Imagine that.


The Good News is Jesus’ message to you.

Did you hear Him?


What if I were to tell you that Jesus has good news for you?

He wants you to be saved.

The Good News is still good news. It remains good. It never changes.

Jesus said the message of His forgiveness and deliverance is GOOD NEWS.

That God wants you to be reconciled to Him is GOOD news.

He has described it as GOOD news.

It is VERY good news.


You can be reconciled to God because God made the reconciliation by sending His Son to die for you.


Everything that’s new will soon be old.

Most cool things will soon be uncool.


Is your life pleasing to the Lord?


If you have no rational reason to doubt Jesus Christ, what’s stopping you from trusting Him?


Put the Bible under the same scrutiny as you do your own ideas, beliefs and opinions.

Maybe not, if you are not one who correctly scrutinizes your own thoughts.


Believing in election doesn’t necessarily mean that one is one of the elect, as the Pharisees also had full confidence they were God’s elect.


The Left need a scapegoat for society’s evils, a straw effigy to focus their hate on and ritualistically burn.

They need a face for evil.

They need to make the devil personified in a figure so they can destroy the devil.

It’s very medieval.

It’s very primitive tribalism.


Your relationship with Jesus Christ is the one thing you can keep forever.


“Life” was God’s idea, and not a freak evolutionary accident.


Sink or swim.

Swim is to believe Jesus.

There’s our options.


The “love factor” is the main factor in Christian growth and maturity, as outlined in 1 John and 1 Corinthians 13.


Only the person set free from sin’s power is the truly free person.


You would never want to try and be popular with a “Laodicean Church”. (See Rev. 3)

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