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The body of Christ, which is God’s people, is found in every nation. Now, that’s a lot of prayers going up to the Throne of Grace every day. A lot of those prayers will be survival prayers. People who only live day to day by answers to prayer.


The far Left and far Right both meet in hell.


To celebrate anyone’s death is to be a primitive, a barbarian.


There’s a vast distance between what’s true and what’s not.

And a vast chasm between right and wrong.


Who are the “arbiters of truth”?

Media oligarchs? Politicians? Popes?


God is either your help, or He is not, ….or He helps you but you don’t acknowledge Him.


Giving people to God can be hard, but we must if we truly care for them.

Casting that care on the Lord and not bearing it yourself.


It’s not a question of, Do you want to live forever? but, WHERE do you want to live forever?


Live in awe of God.


Knowing God is the ultimate, for He is the ultimate.


Is God your Father?

If so, what do you understand that to mean?


Any preacher who expects people to give them money is a con man. And if you listen to them you’re also complicit with them.


Have you given much thought to how patient God has been with you and I? He would have had good reason to wipe us off the face of the earth and out of His sight, but He didn’t.


When we look into the Bible we see God as He really is, and we see ourselves as we really are.


With good friends you’ve known over the years, you have a certain degree of faith in them as people, and in good faith you relate to them from what you’ve come to understand of their character.

Now, from what you know about Jesus Christ, how much faith do you have in Him?


The Bible says there are, and have been, many antichrists, and yet there is a final antichrist yet to come.

It also says the spirit of antichrist is operating in the world, and has been all along.

Now, why would the devil want people to believe the antichrist is the antichrist? He wouldn’t want to blow his cover.

The antichrist won’t be announcing himself as the antichrist.

He won’t be saying, ‘Look, here I am, I’m the devil incarnate’.

So, obviously, the people who embrace the coming antichrist won’t think of him as the antichrist, but rather, the christ.

So, the false doctrine of preterism conditions people to accept the antichrist as the christ, because people will think the Book of Revelation was fulfilled 1900 years ago.

Therefore, we would be justified to think that preterism is a tool of the spirit of antichrist, and just one way the devil is preparing the world to accept him as the leader of the world.


To those who don’t know Jesus, only this life is real, but to those who know Him, eternity is real.


The pursuit of self is the most empty thing there is.


A prayer to Jesus:

“Lord, make me like you!”



“The new currency for status is victimhood.”


(See 1 John 5:9-13)

The inner witness mentioned in verse 10 is a third party witness, and not a self witness.

The third party is God.

It is a witness by God, and this witness is inside us who truly believe.

We are not believing a self witness, but the witness of none other than God, Himself.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

  • Sir Winston Churchill


The Bible says God will judge everyone.

Right at this moment do you understand what will be the outcome of your judgment?


Cancel culture tries to censor everything which a minority group in society finds offensive.

We Christians find a lot of stuff in society extremely offensive, but most of the time we try and ignore it.


In relation to God, perhaps time is the most squandered gift.


The Cross: it’s not about a symbol, it’s about a horrific, bloody transaction God made within Himself to reconcile you and I to Him.


We need to lead a righteous life as defined by God, and not by ourselves or others.


“But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”

(Matthew 6:6)

a. Why “shut the door”? Because it’s a holy, exclusive transaction: you, alone with God, and no one, not even your spouse, is privy to it. Pray with your spouse, or with the bros and sisters AFTER you have had your exclusive, holy time before the Throne of Grace.

b. “Shut the door” is not limited to shutting people out of that holy place but shutting the door on everything which is competing with God for your time and affections. Shut the door on whatever you need to, so you are not distracted by it when you come into this, the most holy transaction you could ever do.

c. The Father “sees”. Scripture says God’s ear is open to the righteous, not the unrepentant. The unrepentant are wasting their breath praying to God.

d. The answers to your prayers will be out in the open, for all to see.

e. It obviously doesn’t have to be a room. Jesus rarely prayed in a room, we note. The point is He went alone to pray to where He wouldn’t be distracted by people.

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