Today’s Tweets

The love of Christ is the greatest fact.


The prayer closet isn’t a stepping stone to somewhere, it is the destination.


Watching the great falling away or apostasy unfold would be discouraging if you didn’t recognize it as a sign of the Lord’s soon return.


Discouragement or disappointment does force us to come to terms with whom it is we serve and whether we live to serve the Lord.

Fellowship with God is serving God, from a Biblical definition of “serve”.

It is impossible to fellowship with God and not serve Him.

The way we are created we serve something or someone, even if it is simply ourselves whom we serve.


The one who has genuine faith in Jesus can’t remain discouraged indefinitely because that would indicate they don’t really have faith in Him.


We understand God’s word to the degree that we obey it.


I think thinking has become highly underrated. For many, their first steps toward God need to be that they actually begin thinking about things.



a. does not cause God to begin loving you

b. means you are no longer under His wrath

And if you are unrepentant the love of God has no relevance to you for you are still under His wrath.


Don’t be quick to swallow any narrative, think long and hard about it first.

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