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The only proof faith needs is that which God has spoken. His word is proof enough. He keeps His word.


The main thing which makes Jesus different from all the rest is that He is God.


Here are some profound truths of scripture which the human mind can’t fully comprehend:

  • The love of Christ.
  • Eternity.
  • The power of God.
  • The fact that God foreknows, predestines, and yet holds man fully responsible for rejecting Christ.
  • The oneness, indivisibility, and yet the plurality of persons within God.
  • The fact that God is love, and yet He will punish forever those who reject Him.

A dear bro got sidewinded by this faulty logic: He saw in scripture that Jesus said a man cannot serve two masters. Therefore, he reasoned that if he votes then it means he has made the government his master, and therefore Christ is no longer his master. He thinks it means choosing a king other than Jesus to rule over him.

The faulty assumption here is that if one is subject to a human government, then that government rules over them in the place of Christ.

Then, if one obeys or supports a government then that government is their master.

In practical terms, then, if you obeyed the traffic rules it would mean you have obeyed the government, and therefore the government rules over you, and if the government is then your master, then Christ is not your master.

That is the logic.

Ironically, to believe such lies brings a person under the power of the devil, under another master, the very thing they are supposedly opposing.


The current push by Biden and the Dems and other western nations is essentially a moralistic one, by them redefining Biblical morality, and then making it a crime to believe certain things they promote as moral are immoral. You could call it a new religion, because it is built on pushing a particular view of morality, and demonizing anyone who disagrees.


A sad human is one who is only interested in trivial things.


If someone doesn’t receive your friendship it’s their loss, not yours.


Jesus is both the source and the object of our joy.


“When we are at the point of erasing the genders of little children, we have also erased our common sense, our common humanity, and common future.”


Reassigning the gender of a plastic potato.

Explain how the “Mr” in Mr Potato Head offends you, and did you vote for Joe Biden by any chance?


For a professing Christian who lives in a perpetual state of depression, discouragement and disappointment.

You ask him, Tell me the cause of your perpetual depression?

He cites how people have let him down, abused and hurt him.

Then you tell him, Because you have not unconditionally forgiven these people it means you are living in a state of bearing unforgiveness, which is a grave sin with God, because Jesus said if we don’t forgive, we won’t be forgiven. Therefore, the depression you are experiencing is God’s discipline on you for not forgiving them.


“Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls to Him in doing good, as to a faithful Creator.”

(1 Peter 4:19)

He’s a benevolent Creator, and not a malevolent one.

What’s implied is, if God went to the trouble of creating you, He is surely going to take the trouble of looking after you, having created you in the first place.

When suffering is according to His will then we are to commit our soul into His keeping, believing He is faithful to keep us and carry us through it, because He made us, and if He has a purpose for us to suffer at times He has a good reason for it, of which we are to trust Him in it.


Open the Bible to anywhere and it’s the same God today – there’s only one God, and He never changes.


God is the source of every good thing in us, and we are fully responsible fdor our actions.


Have you been fully convinced by God as to how, and to what extent, you have broken God’s laws? If so, then you are in a position to understand the grace of God in Christ Jesus.


Many people are offended by Christian beliefs and values but not by sicko stuff.

They want to censor the wrong things.


You live all your life trying to please people, then in the end they’re all gone and you’re standing alone before God.


With true Christians, Jesus rules their life.


The Holy Spirit causes a disciple to experience God spiritually because He is God and He lives in them.


To have the true Holy Spirit is to live a supernatural life, for He is supernatural.

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