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Christian, would you consider yourself bold and courageous? Or, timid, shy and fearful of what others think of you?


See Revelation 3:14-22


They were not outwardly immoral, they were lukewarm.

They put a lot of stock in material things, and their social status.

It’s like, If only they were as enthusiastic for Jesus and the extension of His Kingdom as they were for the good things in life.

The Lord Jesus doesn’t comfort them here with knowledge of His sovereignty or providence. He gives them an ultimatum. Many today would resent such an ultimatum. The Pharisees also rejected Jesus’ ultimatum by replying that they are God’s chosen, so no such threats apply to them.

Our human tendency is to think we are more special than anyone else. Some may read Jesus’ stern warning to the Laodiceans and think, That would never apply to me! No chance Jesus would ever spew me out of His mouth! I’m His special, chosen one!

Well, so were they.


How could you think of everything God has done for you in Christ and not love Him?


Everything has its proper place, except for things which should have no place in our lives.


Everyone needs a place to call “home”.

Oh boyyyyy, you should see our home!

Our Father and our Savior are there waiting for us.


One of the great encouragements for we who have been truly born again is the communion of the Holy Spirit, revealing to us our UNION with Christ: how we are joined to Him by the Spirit of God, so we are IN HIM and HE IN US, and we can never leave His presence or know any distance between us and Almighty God our Father. Fellowship with God. He knows us, and we know Him. He hears us, and we hear Him.


Most religious leaders will never have to publically answer an intelligent question.

The religious system is designed so they won’t have to face that embarrassment.

The illusion might be shattered if they can’t give an honest and intelligent answer.

But a righteous person never has to fear any question.

The unrighteous do, though. They don’t like to be caught off guard. They need time to prepare an evasive answer.



While Jesus is the healer, some of this teaching has problems in its assumptions. “On earth as it is in heaven” , if used as suggested here, would mean no one dies, because no one dies in heaven. No one gets tired or weary in heaven, either.

So does that mean that when you die, or get tired, or get sick, that you are out of the will of God and don’t have enough faith?

How many people have been turned away from the Lord because they were told the reason they are not healed is because they don’t have enough faith? And they are out of God’s will?

Regarding an individual knowing whether it is God’s will to heal them: it is a very personal matter. If the individual desires to be healed and decides to trust God, unconditionally, that is, their faith is not dependent on whether they get healed or not, then it’s between them and God, and all true believers will stand with them.

One of the assumptions the article made was that Christians must be convinced that it is always God’s will to heal, every time, in every situation, otherwise, if they don’t believe this, then they will be double minded as to whether it is God’s will to heal them.

This is a faulty assumption.

Generally, yes, God wants to heal.

Generally, yes, a believer can be confident God wants them well to serve Him.

Generally, God is not in the business of making everyone sick.

Yet we can’t make a rule which we don’t see in scripture.

To know His specific will personally, on some things, we are going to have to know Him personally.

A simplistic formula will not suffice.

And we don’t need a simplistic formula in order to have faith and avoid double mindedness.

There are sometimes unpleasant things in life which are God’s permissive will.

Being martyred for your faith could be God’s will for you, but not for someone else.

God doesn’t kill His people. And yet sometimes it’s His will that we be killed for our faith.

It’s not the same will for everyone.

And this understanding is where true faith or trust rests.

A lot of the American stuff is simply an extension of a neurotic mind.

If such people are faced with the reality that God may have a purpose for them to suffer, they can’t countenance that.

They have opted for the Prosperity Gospel to avoid facing reality.

If you could know God’s will through a simplistic formula then you wouldn’t need to know Him. The formula would replace knowing Him.


What happens when immoral people become the moral police?

Of course, no one should be the “moral police”.

The history of religion and currently, is that some of the most immoral people have set themselves up as the moral police.

Liberalism is also a religion.


Injustice may not mean much to a person until it happens to them.



“If we could earn our salvation, Christ would not have died to provide it.”


The present state of Christianity can be understood by two things:

a. Christians not having time for God.

b. Or… their spiritual life is self seeking or self indulgent – the pursuit of self.


It’s ironic that Evangelical politicians are mocked for their beliefs when the most powerful politicians in America are Catholic, and no one mocks them for their beliefs. Do you know what the Catholic Church believes? Check it out, you’ll be amazed.


One sign the Bible is not fiction is that it’s impossible to write fiction as good and as authentic as that. True stories always outshine fictional ones.


To some:

You seem to be very confident there is no God? Where do you get that confidence from?


The Washington swamp has found a convenient decoy in “dangerous” children’s cartoon characters to distract from child trafficking, child porn and paedophile networks under their protection.


If you run out of reasons to live, at least live for your Creator and Savior. He would like that very much.


In former times people became famous because they actually did something, or achieved something. Those days are gone.


What is it with the current Victimhood fad?

If everyone is a victim, no one is responsible.


Though all creation defies the theory of evolution, the human mind and psyche, in particular, defies it the most. As amazing as all the organs and systems in our bodies are, the brain is on another level altogether. Yes, it’s just a piece of jelly-like meat, but there’s a world within a world inside that clump of tissue, because the physical world is simply that, but the brain goes beyond the physical. The human mind is far more than physical.

Muscles are physical. Organs are physical. But a purely physical brain would not work.

I want you to think about your thought life, and how you control it. Particularly, your desires in life. Is your brain telling you what to do, or are you telling it what to do? Does the brain control it’s own function, or is there something higher up the order than the brain which controls desires, plans, creates, dreams, aspires, or… loves?

Is love merely a set of electrical or hormonal transmissions within the brain?

Who controls what you think and speak?

Is there some hidden recess in my brain that’s firing up right now, shooting electrical connections, chemical reactions, and thus compelling me to write this down or think about this subject?

And is this subject simply some kind of neurological data code somehow imprinted deep inside that piece of meat?

Christians believe man has a spirit, and this life force or inner being rules his brain insomuch that the brain is an instrument of man’s spirit. Man’s spirit controls his mind, like software, and his brain carries out the functions, like hardware.

This seems self evident by the ability we have to contemplate how our own mind works in a self-aware way.

How can an object step outside of itself to view itself?

And only we humans are self-aware. That is, only we can look into ourselves and analyze, understand and appreciate ourselves.

How could a mere clump of tissue and cells analyze it’s own motives, and why it does what it does?


In Christ’s kingdom and economy there is no “great” work or “small” work, there is only the work of God, and everything He does is wonderful.


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