Pray for your family in Myanmar

Letter from Myanmar:

“First of all I want to beg you to pray for our safety and protection. I pray that the angel of the Lord will continue to surround every home in our country.
The military has taken control and is killing civilians. Every day we needed to collect dead bodies on the road with tears and pains. Banks are being shut down, and it isn’t easy to get online.
It breaks my heart so much. Everywhere is filled with smoke and fire as factories are burned and destroyed. Thousands of people don’t have work, food, and a place to stay now.
Almost all of our church members ran back to their village. There is neither market nor a shop where we can buy food because every road is blocked now. How long will we last if it continues like this!?
Just a while ago, the soldiers’ truck came and stopped near our house. We were terrified; they captured six people who were having tea in the shop. We don’t know what they will do to them. God is my only Hope….”

– from Heart Cry Mission Society

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  1. ian vincent Says:


    Dear praying friends,

    March 17 -The nights of trembling continue on. By 7 pm, every house would turn off their light because we are afraid to be noticed by the military. The whole country was in Darkness, not only Spiritually but also physically. Within a week, hundreds have been killed. The internet connection was cut off country-wide, but fiber wifi was somehow working with a low connection ( I don’t know why?) But it really affected so many people. People cannot anymore show the world what was exactly going on through live video.

    After martial law was announced, the military terrorist resided in every place. No one dares to go out even in the afternoon. Everyone locks their doors and hides inside their houses. Not very long, we received very upsetting news, our former bible college student, youth pastor was shot dead in his lung. He was trying to fetch his sister, who was in the uprising area. A 25 years old young man who loves the Lord and has such a Christlike character passed away. My heart was broken: “Sometimes things that happened are too hard to accept despite the fact we know that God is in control.”

    March 18- We received the news again that the soldiers captured our former student and brother. We learned that he was put in jail; please continue to pray for him. We do not know what they will do to him. We trust that the hand of the Lord will be upon him.

    March 19 – Near our house is a dormitory, and there is a loving couple who recently has a newborn baby. The husband’s occupation was transporter by bike, he went out to buy something, never returned. A civilian found his body; he was shot dead. We dare not to let his wife know about this yet.

    To all my praying friends, the reason I am giving to you all these updates is for you to know how to pray for our country. I am not trying to scare you, but the condition of this world and people’s mind is deteriorating day by day. Please pray for us that at this very last minute, the Lord might change direction and give us another great privilege to preach the gospel freely, even if it is just a short moment.

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