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The Bible says God’s message to the world is about a Man, bloodied and bruised, and nailed to a cross.

Have you understood the Message yet?


We owe our existence to God.

Are you happy He decided that human beings should exist?

It was His idea.


Where is the presence of God?

Inside the true disciple of Jesus Christ.

This is the Gospel.


The idea that only people of a certain skin color are racist, is, itself, a racist idea.

It seems everyone and everything is racist now, except for those who push this ideology. So, you must become one of them, because you wouldn’t want to be a racist, now, would you?

When a white man commits a crime they make sure you know he was white, because his color is an issue, but when a black man does the same thing, his color is not mentioned because his color is not an issue. Can you see a particular ideological narrative being pushed here? You might say you’re not “religious” but unaware you’ve been conditioned into accepting a false ideological narrative.

I believe “hate crimes” don’t exist. An equitable judiciary would only see “crime”, not “hate crimes”. Whether a person had hate is irrelevant if they have committed a crime. And skin color never needs to be mentioned. Not too long ago, when people had more intelligence, race, color or religion had virtually no place in the reporting and treatment of crime.


Israel is the only nation whose historical existence is punctuated again and again by supernatural events. The truth is better than fiction.

One of the reasons Israel is hated so much is because it is the most visible reminder that the Bible is true. And, that the Bible is true is the scariest thing for modern man to contemplate.


This planet is teeming with life, but every living thing dies. Jesus announced there will be a new earth for His followers where nothing ever dies. Death will be unknown.

It was His death which destroyed death, and His resurrection which gives eternal life.


If you had been there to watch Jesus heal the blind, the cripples, and raise the dead, would you also have become one of His disciples?


The Incarnation denotes the preexistence of Christ, and also that it was irreversible, and not a temporary state.



Not just any man suffering horrific cruelty at the hands of man, but God in the flesh hanging on a Cross. Now, why would God incarnate end up on a Cross? Why would the Father be willing to sacrifice His Son? Why would the Son be willing to be sacrificed? What for? Trying to prove something? Or was God making a transaction within Himself?

Everything we NEED to know about God is contained in the answers to these questions.

And everything we need to know about religion is answered by these answers.


An idol worshiper is simply one who worships anything other than God, and the worst kind of idol worshiper is the one who claims to be a Christian.


May you be enriched in the knowledge of Christ today.


Do satanists know they’re backing a loser?


Our pride is not worth defending. Defend something worthwhile.


Christian, the Holy Spirit wants to guide your every step.


A Christian prayer:

“Lord Jesus, thank you for washing away my sins in your own blood! Without you washing away my sins I could never have come to God, I would have remained unclean, guilty and defiled, cut off from your goodness and love, and deserving your punishment. But you had mercy on me. Thank you for changing me from a rebel to a son. Thank you for giving me eternal life.”


(Eph. 6:10-20)

Verse 12 says the spiritual “rulers of the darkness of this age” are fighting against true Christians.

They rule everyone who doesn’t know Christ. They used to rule us, but Christ set us free and He now rules in our hearts. But they desperately try to bring us again under their power so that we do what they say and disobey the Lord.

What a great victory Christ has wrought for us! We must “be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” by heeding the truth here.

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