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A disciple is always happy doing the Lord’s work because they’re a disciple – that’s what they are now.

Normally, when people look to the future and think about what the rest of their life will be like they’re looking at 40, 20, 10 or less years – that’s the limit, and whatever their life is going to be is confined to this brief timeframe. Of course, they may only have days to live and not know it.

But when a Christian looks forward they see eternity. They see themselves living forever. It is just as real as this present life.


The crucifixion was as barbaric as anything can be barbaric.

We are supposed to view our own sins through that lens of the Cross, and understand how barbaric and God hating WE are, and receive His amazing grace, paid in full on that Cross.


A Liberal says, What’s wrong with doing something if you’re not hurting anyone else?

Two reasons, one, you’re destroying yourself, and that’s wrong because God gave you life, and you have no right to destroy what He created, and, two, you are spitting in the face of Jesus Christ, and counting His sacrifice for your sins on the Cross as a worthless sacrifice.

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