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Today’s a “holy day”, so, time to get spiritual?

It encapsulates the whole problem with religion.


“Racial division is driven by politicians”


Obviously, neither Biden or Harris will show their faces at the southern border because even they can see the hypocrisy of showing up at an humanitarian crisis which they helped create.

You wouldn’t expect politicians to acknowledge the failure of a policy when it would be tantamount to acknowledging their stupidity or corruption.


What do you think? Did He rise again? Or was it all a hoax?

You might say, It’s impossible for someone to rise from the dead!

Yes, of course it is.

But everything about Jesus life was “impossible”. That’s why people followed Him, because He did the impossible.

What do you do with that, if you witness the “impossible”?

What happens if the “impossible” happens to you?


Those who have the grace to live for Christ also have the grace to suffer or die for Him.


Possible reasons why a Christian doesn’t share God’s word:

  • They’re not interested
  • God’s word hasn’t deeply touched their heart, and is not living in them powerfully
  • They’re afraid they won’t be cool, that some may not like it
  • They fear rejection
  • They don’t care about others
  • They think it is for others to do, not them
  • They are not filled with the Holy Spirit

Etc. ……


The Bible says everything is God’s property. The Maker retains the ownership rights. The problem is most people can’t stand the idea, and they’ve been deceived into living independent of God.


The rioting and burning goes on in Portland, and the authorities have the power to put an end to it today, so, we assume, they are allowing it to continue for political purposes.


2 Corinthians 15 records that Jesus resurrection was witnessed by over five hundred of His followers at one time. These people comprised the church in Israel at its inception. So, the church was not founded on just a few who claimed to have witnessed the resurrection, but on many hundreds of such witnesses. The nucleus of the church didn’t have to trust someone else’s testimony, they saw with their own eyes. On this basis the Christian faith sprung into life.


The eternal Kingdom of Christ will be a very real society based on love. Love will permeate everything and everyone – every thought, every word and action – the perfect and Holy love of Christ.


Our repentance doesn’t earn us salvation, and yet it’s one of the signs we are saved.


“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

(James 1:5)

Imagine a Christianity where no one was lacking wisdom? It would be amazing.


The fear of Voter ID is the fear that each person will only be able to cast one ballot. Of course it is.


You can’t over estimate how important the resurrection of Christ is, especially when you consider no one else resurrected – every founder of religion or whatever died and didn’t resurrect, so they’re still dead.


In theory, if every person on earth followed Jesus Christ you would have a perfect world. Every social problem would be eliminated, and even religion would be obsolete.


Republicans should focus on convincing more Christians to vote, and it will indeed be a landslide. It will be such an overwhelming majority as to cancel out election fraud. Stats show that a significant portion of evangelicals didn’t vote. Please pass this on to Don.



This subject gets a little over complicated unnecessarily.

During the course of a lifetime the average person suffers a variety of ailments, and they often get over them and get healed, by various means, and sometimes healed fast, and sometimes slow, but overall they can say the Lord kept them from dying before their time. The Lord may have used various means to preserve their life.

Important to know that the essence of true faith isn’t focused on our SELF.

Simply trusting God that all will be well is just as legitimate as the person who has the gift of faith to be instantly healed.

See…. what of a Christian who is obsessed with avoiding sickness, constantly making positive confessions, etc. Constantly trying to increase their faith so they won’t get sick.

They might be still obsessed with themselves, and not have genuine faith at all.

Sometimes an obsession with healing betrays fear.

How many in the “faith” movement are actually neurotic and its simply a way to calm their nerves?


In many ways, scripture defines faith and salvation in terms of repentance:

“God is not willing any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. “


One thing it means for God to be your Father is He takes care of you as His own child.


What we see today is selective morality.


“Christ demands first place. There’s no room on the throne of your heart for two gods.”

  • Billy Graham


The greatest caring is to care about someone’s soul.


When Christ is truly our goal, and our motivation to that end, then we never lose motivation in life.


In Christ we see the greatest was also the most humble.


If Christ is our life, then, all of our life, and all of our days, are His.


We can’t stress how bad it would be for you to die without Christ. Jesus taught of conscious, eternal punishment – never ending suffering for those who die in their sins. Please take Jesus Christ seriously.



The sovereignty of God is surely not the property of John Calvin.

Simply put, it’s the belief that God has absolute authority over all creation, therefore, anything that does happen, happens only because He allowed it. It doesn’t necessarily mean He is the author of the event, but it is under His authority. He could stop or prevent it if He chose to.

The other alternative would be that events happen which God tried to prevent but failed to.

That God is in control of everything doesn’t mean He is the author of everything.

Sovereignty is a massive comfort for believers.


Someone, then, invariably asks, If everything that happens is because God allows it, then that makes God responsible for the evil in this world by allowing it?


Here it gets interesting, when a person has the audacity to start schooling God on what He should allow or not allow.

God allowed us all to sin.

Even as Christians we’ve all disobeyed God many times.

He allowed us to disobey.

What would it have been like if we tried to disobey but God overpowered us against our will and stopped us?

It would make us robots.

He gave us a free will to choose because, then, we are no longer programmed robots, but beings who can love Him through our choices, choosing what pleases Him.


Find out what it means to be a worshiper of God, and be one.


A favorite quote from the film, Citizen Kane: “Making a lot of money is not hard to do if all you want to do is make a lot of money.”

What do you really want in this life?

If all you really wanted was a lot of money then you would have no life. This desire would destroy you as a human being. You would be a shell of a person.

Like a TV evangelist. And like so many who hate TV evangelists. They’re more buddies than they realize.


Decades fly by.


What would be the point of talking to God if He didn’t talk back?

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