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As hard as it may seem, what we’re presented with in the Gospel of Christ is a life of faith in God which transcends our present circumstances, which is above our circumstances, and not conditional upon them.


Trusting God comes down to what we understand of His character.


For the true Christian, when hopes in this life fade, eternal hope shines brighter and brighter.


In Christ, God has given His promises to man. This is a great thing, when God makes a promise.


Faith is in what God can do.

It’s based on His promises.


When you pray for someone’s soul, have you realized what a massive investment that is?


If your conscience is severed from God then evil may seem quite okay.


A form of actual racism is when a major religion believes that people are either inferior or superior based on which community they’re born into.

No one is protesting against them.

Why no outrage?

Because the outrage is politically manufactured.

There is no political objective to be outraged by such forms of racism as this.


Ask yourself, What is the purpose of my life?

Then go to the Bible and find out.

In the general sense, scripture describes our purpose in Christ, to know Him and make Him known.

In practical terms, our purpose will depend on where He has placed us.

Our role or purpose would be defined by our relationships and proximity with others, both family and friends.


The greatest thing which can happen to anyone is they get saved, get born again.


Where our heart is, and where our hope is, is where we pray to.


How many are totally unprepared for their day in Court? (In God’s courtroom)

Every person will stand trial, without exception.

If you break the law you end up in court.

We broke God’s laws so we end up in His court.

But there’s Good News for all law breakers.

Jesus Christ satisfied the just demands of God’s law for us by paying our penalty. The penalty has been paid in full.


The more interested we are in what God thinks about us, the less interested we are in people’s opinions of us.


The political or religious zealot might justify lying if it’s for a good cause.


If we serve God, He empowers us, rewards us, and satisfies us.


Moses didn’t have the ability to preach eloquently, but it didn’t matter because God was with him.

Christian, is prayer, to you, a formality you feel obligated to fulfill before you can proceed with the “real” stuff of life?

“Researchers have created embryos that are part-human and part-monkey”

Oh no, they’re virtually begging God to wipe them out.

It is certainly evil to create such an embryo because it mocks or defies Gods order in creation.


We believe Jesus was and is right, and if you believe He was wrong we would encourage you to rethink your position.



After you’ve prayed for rain, carry an umbrella.


“It’s tough to have a revolution if people have a full stomach.”

  • Gene D Agostino


What could please the Father more than to look into your heart and see you’re overwhelmed with thankfulness for the Cross, and for all He has done for you.


The mission of a Christian is NOT to let the whole world know how wonderful you are. It’s something more.


God is perfectly just and impartial.

Either Christ pays for our sins, or we suffer the just punishment for our sins.

It will be one or the other.


Living by faith is living by answers to prayer.


It’s not over till He says it’s over, and our soul takes rest in this fact.


I would rather be disturbed by the truth than comforted by a lie.


Say it out loud:

Heaven is my home.

This world is not my home.

Lord Jesus, you are my home.

Home is wherever you are.

(Are you feeling better already?)


Christians are not trying to force their values and morals onto others, but the political Left is most definitely trying to force their values and morals onto Christians. They are guilty of exactly the same hate and intolerance which they accuse Christians of having.


Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth.

The big mouths miss out.


“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Romans 8:31b


Three kinds of deception:

a. Trying to earn salvation.

b. Thinking one is saved while remaining in bondage to sin. Having a false assurance. They will cry out, “Lord! Lord! We did wonders in your name!” They will be shocked to find out they were never saved.

c. Thinking that one is saved because sin no longer exists under grace. Those who say they have no sin, so they’re ok. Much of Christendom is swinging this way. Sin is no longer sin.


Ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of, but pride in our ignorance is.


The Lord is surely pleased with the one who sought His healing sincerely, whether they were healed or not, however, the one who requests healing and makes a positive answer a condition as to whether they will continue to love and trust the Lord is surely not right in their motives and might be testing the Lord.

If people really believed it was God’s perfect will for them to be sick they would never take medicine, see a doctor, or request prayer, lest they be fighting against His will.


The importance we place on things of the world directly indicates the lack of importance we place on Christ.


As we tuck into a tasty meal full of healthy goodness it’s a reminder that the goodness comes from the One who alone is Good.

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