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Why are people surprised when the Bible is fulfilled?


Televangelists are anthropocentric: man is at the center, and God exists only to serve man and give him what he wants. This is how they interpret the Bible.

If you listen to people like Joel Osteen you might start thinking that you are the center of the universe, and God is not.


Justified by faith the moment you believe.

Sanctification a process over a lifetime.


Liberal Fundamentalism


If we were able to live for Jesus without the Holy Spirit’s power and help then there would have been no need for Him to send the Holy Spirit.


Christian, the Lord Jesus loves you, so everything’s going to be okay.


What if you’re telling people who are on the road to hell that nothing can ever separate them from the love of God? They will curse you forever.


God is so good. You wouldn’t want to miss out on His goodness and get His wrath instead.


Being a nice person doesn’t qualify us for Heaven.

Only Jesus’ precious Blood, poured out once and for all as a bloody, vicarious sacrifice for our sins, qualifies us for Heaven.



“The brevity of life in this world is a sermon for all who will listen: “Your life is a vapor. Take hold of what lasts. Take hold of God. Take hold of Christ. Take hold of the gospel.”


I wonder how many appreciate how great a thing salvation in Christ Jesus is?

For God to wipe out the debt we owe Him and then declare us righteous in His sight – How great is that?

For God to take a condemned sinner, then wash him clean in His own sacrificial blood, and present him faultless before His throne as a true son or daughter of God, as if he never sinned at all – How great is that?

“How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” (Hebrews 2:3a)



  • Reports saying there are up to 5 new strains.
  • Some new characteristics: a person has mild symptoms for a few days, then it hits hard and they are dead within 2 days. Also, patients seem to be almost fully recovered then die of cardiac arrest (most likely a blood complication).
  • Reports that 1 in 5 have it, either symptomatic or asymptomatic.
  • Reports of people catching it who were totally isolated in quarantine.


People realize what all that “God stuff” was about the moment after they die.


Are people afraid to pray, “Thy will be done!”, because they’re afraid of what God’s will might turn out to be?


A true Christian does what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, and not for a benefit.


Some Christians seem to rebound off one false teaching only to fall into another false teaching – out of the pan and into the fire. In fact, one of the strongest cults in the world can tell you everything that’s wrong with “the church”.

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