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Jesus gives His perfect peace in the midst of the storms of life.


If the Holy Spirit is truly living in us, then, our way of living, our priorities, will be a big factor in how well we hear His voice and respond to His leading.


When the Holy Spirit is working we think of that as Revival, and yet it should be normal. We should pray that the reason the Holy Spirit was sent is realized and fulfilled. We should desire to be a people filled with the Holy Spirit, but minus the wacko stuff.


For Christians, always a good perspective to have is, that when you’re having a hard time, remember there’s perhaps millions of your brothers and sisters who have it harder than you, and they are still trusting the Lord.

The Lord and His Apostles are our examples. And many such good examples over the last 2000 years of men and women who remained faithful under terrible hardships.


“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

Mark 10:15

A child has very limited knowledge, but it knows certain things very well, like it knows its mum and dad love them, and that they are safe with them.

Similarly, we are to have the same childlike faith in God.

If you trust and obey Jesus Christ then you are living in His kingdom.

When someone is regenerated into a new creation by the Holy Spirit then they are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Kingdom of God.

Kingdom of Christ.


My wife just showed me a video of a bright young girl explaining that before the Big Bang, time, space and matter didn’t exist, so as nothing at all existed it’s impossible for the universe to have come into being out of nothing, and by itself, and therefore the only possible way we can account for the existence of the universe is that a super intelligent and powerful being, who exists outside of space and time, and therefore can control it, and is not dependent on it, created it.


Evidence of God is everywhere, in fact, you’re totally immersed in it, and you, yourself, are also evidence that God exists.


Arabs can and have lived peacefully alongside Israelis when they don’t demand the extermination of the Jewish people. This is the real problem, and perhaps the majority of Arabs don’t want the genocide of Israel, but their terrorist leaders do, because they are all sworn to such a genocide. The Israelis are smart enough to realize that the leaders who talk of peace deals have not given up their jihadi vision to eliminate Israel and the Jews. It would be exactly like making “peace” with Hitler prior to WW2.

Hamas uses civilian human shields as expendable assets, using them to turn international opinion against Israel. Their barbaric religious ideas allow them to sacrifice women and children for the cause, and their cause is the genocide of the Jewish people.


How to tell the difference between a protester and a terrorist? A protester doesn’t hurl projectiles at you, and if he does, he’s not a protester, he’s a terrorist.


“There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.”

  • Thomas Sowell

This is how the Christian sees the world. The world can’t be fixed because the world consists of people, and people can only be fixed by repenting of their sin and becoming a new creation in Christ. The world rejects the only solution there is.


If you believe God can see you then you can also believe He hears your prayer.

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