Today’s Tweets

The greatest sinner you know can become the greatest saint you know, because salvation is by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.


You are surrounded by wonders, and you are a wonder.

It makes you wonder.


Don’t take up your cross if you’re not prepared to be crucified.


“Be a victor, not a victim.”


Christian, believe right, do right, and you’re alright.


We certainly pray for the pandemic to end, and yet we know the post-pandemic world will be an Orwellian world where the state has total control over everything you say, do and believe, as foretold in scripture.


Wuhan. Funny how a loony conspiracy theory is now a fact.


The perfect society does exist. But it’s not here, it’s in Heaven. All who died in faith are living there right now.


Because Jesus is real, our faith in Him should be real.


It can be hard for an antisemite when they see a person who looks a little Jewish, but they’re not sure, because they might hate the wrong person by mistake.


Every Jew hater shares a little of the same spirit which was in Hitler.


I think one thing God has been doing in His people through the pandemic and lockdown is a refining work, including removing religiosity, which is simply a spiritualized form of pride. And the effect will be His people become more real and authentic in the way they relate to the body of Christ and to the world.

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