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The celebration of evil is the consummation of evil.

Those who celebrate evil, are, themselves, evil.


Faith is enough, because Jesus is enough.


You’re standing there before God’s Judgment throne. All of your life is revealed like a movie. All of your words, actions and thoughts. All is revealed, Jesus said.

The evidence that you deserve death is crushing.

Then the Lord Jesus Christ thunders, “Forgiven!” “He is mine!”

All the assembly of Heaven agrees.

All the multitudes praise the Judge. He judges righteously.

And you are overwhelmed with thankfulness for the Cross.

And you bow in pure love, adoration and worship before the Man who suffered and died on the Cross for you.


If we do His will, that’s more than enough.


The Bible says God will judge everyone.

He is the perfect judge. He will judge perfectly justly, in accordance with His law. Jesus said the word He has spoken will be the judge.

Jesus Christ is both the Savior and the Judge.

So you better make sure today that He is your Savior.

A true Christian can have deep abiding peace that they will be judged by their Savior, who bore their sins in His own body on the Cross.


Everything hinges on who Jesus is.

Is He who He said He was?

Who do you say He is?


Eternal Life

Who promised it?

Whoever you’re following, can they give you eternal life?


If there is no God, then, right or wrong, or even love, is arbitrarily defined by man, whichever way he wants to define it. And that’s the disaster we see happening today.


When I look into science I can’t stop praising God.


If we’re not focused on eternity we must not believe in the reality of it.


In my opinion, racism is not the real problem today. Hate is a worse problem than racism, if you really understand what hate is and how it manifests, and how people try to justify it for their cause. One can campaign against racism and yet be full of hate themselves.


Our family is in a situation where we are totally powerless, yet trusting the all powerful God.

It’s like someone in jail. Humanly speaking they are powerless, there’s nothing they can do, humanly speaking. But they are not powerless spiritually.

The Lord is meeting all our needs.


The Kingdom is advancing, revealing the King, conquering the darkness, but is this happening in your life?

“The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Rom. 14:17)


The saved are totally saved.

And the lost are totally lost.

You can’t be half saved, or half lost.

You can’t be nearly saved, or nearly lost.


CINO (Christian In Name Only)


We want to see you in Heaven. We don’t want to watch you go to Hell.


A nation suffering moral degeneration will progressively become less Conservative.


Biden’s message is that America is systemically racist and white supremacists are the greatest threat, when the reality is that the majority of violent crime is perpetrated by people who support him or his party.


Christian, wait for your reward in Heaven. We don’t have long to wait.


On the subject of the natural mind.

Liberal theologians are not born again, and yet they write volumes of theological study.

So, we take it that they are using their natural mind, and are not taught by the Spirit.

So, it is possible for people to know all the theology but not be born again.

Its possible for such people to create long and complex theological arguments using scripture and all the words in the theological dictionary, and yet the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with it, it is all the product of the natural mind.


Inner peace only comes by being reconciled to God by the bloody sacrifice of His Son on the Cross.


What if Jesus says to you on Judgment Day,

“So…. you didn’t believe me?”.


Whoever you are, if you’re in desperate need, ask Jesus to help you. You’ve got nothing to lose by asking, and you just might be amazed at what happens.


Take Him at His word.


When we think of our limitations we also need to remember God has no limitations.



It raises the question as to WHY God chose to put a limit on what we can comprehend about Him and His actions?

There is a good reason why we will only fully comprehend when we get to glory.

God designed it all so we would need to trust what He said and promised.


You can’t believe there’s many ways to God and be a Christian.


Love is a stronger stance than any other stance.


Trust Him because He’s trustworthy.


Kids used to be sure of their gender until the Democrats started putting ideas in their heads.


There is no other way of salvation than to simply trust Jesus.

But for many, they will settle for any other way than this.


While Jesus doesn’t support violence, He also doesn’t support failing to defend the innocent.

If we specialize in one truth, while ignoring others, it always leads us to hypocrisy.

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