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I’m doing great because God’s promises are true and I’m experiencing His promises.


We can teach God’s word, but we can’t impart the ability to understand it.


Some degree of material prosperity is promised in the New Testament, but it is not promised to those who seek after material prosperity.


Matt. 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”


Mark 10:29-30

This is very rarely taught.

Most people are seeking material prosperity.

This means they are not seeking first the Kingdom of God.


The Lord knows how much faith we have because He gave it to us, and sustains our life, and watches and weighs everything we say, do and think.


“Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish.” (Matt. 25:1-2)

And you know how it ends.

It means there are many people today who are looking for Jesus’ return who will miss out on His Kingdom.

The foolish “Christian” is not going to make it.

Foolish means stupid.

These are “Christians” obsessed with stupid things.


Faith is about far more than getting us to Heaven, it’s about a victorious life against insurmountable odds, today.


If I had the choice between working with someone who’s a little egotistical and rude, and someone who’s totally fake and phony, I would choose the first one.

Political application.


To believe God’s word is to believe God.


The Day when Jesus Christ judges the world is all about what He says about you. He knows everything about you. Only what He has to say about you is the actual truth about you, and it’s all that will matter. What anyone else thinks will be irrelevant.


The Cross of Jesus Christ removes any grounds for self glory.


Commented that Calvinists don’t believe the warnings in scripture are addressed to them.

Someone replied, Oh, yes they do believe the warnings!

I replied, no, they don’t believe the warnings, because they don’t believe it’s possible for them to fall away.

The warnings are not merely about losing rewards, but of being ultimately rejected by Christ.

To say it is impossible for a believer to fall away is the same as saying the warnings are only to false converts.


Christian, go for great faith, not little faith.


Even the darkest days in history had a beautiful sunrise and sunset.


We are only as blessed as our prayer life.


Modern western society is based on the assumption the Bible is not true. A fatal mistake.


Do we serve His Kingdom, or another Kingdom, or even our own Kingdom?


Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Totalitarian style government don’t tolerate any questions.

Tyranny is to silence every one who dares question the party line. We see a nexus of tyranny between Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Gov, the Democrats. An unholy alliance.


If Trump is personally responsible for Jan 6, then by the same logic Biden is responsible for all the violence, looting and arson of the past 2 years.


It’s not about religion, philosophy or politics, it’s about truth.

Regardless of politics, it’s always good when the truth comes out.


The Bible says God gives life and breath to every creature. The natural is sustained by the supernatural. And science still doesn’t know what life is, let alone create it.


If you’re an atheist, how confident are you in your atheism? As you prepare to die are you happy knowing that you don’t have a soul, and that everything is meaningless, and you will simply cease to exist? Are you absolutely sure about that?


If it matters to Him, it should matter to us.


Perhaps the toughest thing Jesus said:

“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matt. 5:44)

If you were a Jew in the Holocaust, could you imagine loving and blessing those who were sending you and your family to the gas chambers? Could you refuse to hate and revile them simply out of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, despite what you felt like doing?

It’s a very tough call.


Christian, are you a vessel for the ministry of the Holy Spirit through you?


Everyone will give an account to God.

Better to give it today.

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