Today’s Tweets

Love, itself, is the greatest victory.


Sometimes when we talk about folks it doesn’t sound very much like we love them.


A true Christian hates evil, and yet loves those who commit evil.


Today, have you thanked Jesus for suffering and dying for you?


What’s the difference between education and brainwashing?

Education informs of all world views and asks the individual to make their choice.

Brainwashing bans certain world views in order to produce conformity to an ideology.

What we have today is brainwashing.


When a Christian speaks out against evil is doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to establish a political theocratic earthly kingdom.

It could simply mean they have character.


A reporter asks Pelosi, “Is an unborn baby after 15 weeks a human being?”.

She has no answer.

She can’t answer it because she would be incriminating herself.


It’s worth appreciating the huge progress made in racial equality over the last century.

Anyone aware of history knows that.


What people think about any notable figure of history has no effect upon their lives, it will make no difference, but what people think about Jesus Christ has a direct effect on their lives.


Allegedly “FBI operatives were involved in organizing and carrying out the Jan 6th Capitol riot”.

Hope the truth about this comes out.


It’s quite normal for Christians, who believe Jesus is the only way to God, to get along with people of other faiths, and to love them and help them. Millions of them do.

Accepting another person doesn’t mean you are forced to accept their beliefs when you believe they are wrong.

Being forced to accept other peoples beliefs or values is a violation of human rights.

We reject the anti Conservative narrative which labels all who believe Jesus is the only way as haters and intolerant of other religions, and we believe that such a narrative is, itself, hateful.

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