Kingdom or Church?

Oftentimes we see Christians pitting the Kingdom against the Church, saying the Kingdom is where it is at, not the Church.

It’s a foolish debate because they are not defining Church as it is defined in the New Testament.

The Lord Jesus spoke that He will build His Kingdom AND His Church, which is His body.

He was not taking on two separate projects.

His Church, that is, His people, are the expression of His Kingdom, for now, until His visible Kingdom comes when He visibly and physically comes to judge the nations.

So, obviously, what we know of “church” barely resembles His Kingdom.

The Church is a Kingdom of Priests, scripture says.

It’s not a concert you attend.

It’s an expression of His Kingdom.

So, it’s a serious issue.

Especially when we see Christians isolating themselves from others, not fellowshipping. They are missing the Kingdom.

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