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The only answer to fear is that God is with you.


Each of our prayers for others is more precious to God than all the wealth in the world.

The Kingdom means we see, value and appreciate things as He does.


“After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands”

Revelation 7:9

Talk about a pluralistic society!

Each person’s ethnic or racial identity will still exist, but all will speak the same language, and love and understand each other perfectly.

Not long to go now.

Make sure you’ll be there.


Those who commit evil can be forgiven.

Those who celebrate evil might be past redemption.


For the true Christian, Jesus is their standard, no one else, and not the culture.


Christians in the New Testament were willing to die for their faith if necessary.

That was normal Christianity, back then.

They would not be silenced.

The only way to silence them was to kill them.

And that only magnified the Message even more.

It caused a lot of people to wonder whether there is something to this.


What the world wants, and will get, is a “god” which can unite the world with peace and love, but also not disturb our conscience regarding sexual morality. It’s a perfectly made to order god.

The only problem is that this god is satan.


Still camping out in the Book of Revelation.

We’re in for a wild ride ahead.

We ain’t seen nothing yet.


While it’s true that only God can convict of sin and open people’s hearts to understand the Gospel, and shine the light of Jesus into their hearts, it’s also true that He has chosen people, like you and I, to be His instruments in this work.


If a Government forces the V against people’s will, you would think, then, they would be liable to pay out damages for any problems arising later?


The extreme Left and the extreme Right have a lot in common:

Hateful. Violent. Controlling. Against freedom. Impose their own morality. Use propaganda. Systemic brainwashing. Etc.


If America is systemically racist why do millions of people from many nations and shades of skin color want to live there?

A vast part of the world’s population would do anything if they could move to America.


“The damage the Left has done to kids is unforgivable”

  • Dennis Prager

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