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In the Bible we never see a man of God using manipulation

But today we rarely see a situation where manipulation is not used.

In fact…. most people would be nervous if they weren’t manipulated. They’ve become so conditioned to it.


The just shall live by faith, the Bible says.

If this describes you, then you’re saved.

And over time your whole life will bear testimony to that faith.

That’s because you lived by faith.

So, all of your life reveals the faith you lived by.


Christian, the Lord has never forsaken you.

And He never will.

It’s people who forsake Him.

He doesn’t fail.


It’s interesting that Jesus never mentioned “positive or negative”, rather, only, “true or false”, “right or wrong”.

It’s not to say ‘positive and negative’ don’t exist.

Its that there are more accurate terms, such as ‘faith or unbelief’.

It’s more accurate or true to understand something in relation to God, rather than thinking of it independently of God.

‘Positive or negative’ is also a weak way of describing things because the perception of what constitutes ‘positive or negative’ varies.

To some, truth which they don’t care to hear might be perceived as ‘negative’, and a falsehood they want to hear, ‘positive’.

Typically, such people divide the Bible up into ‘positive’ verses and ‘negative’ verses.


Painting with the broadest possible brush, Trump represents traditional values, and Biden represents immorality.

And it’s really two nations. One, wants traditional values, and the other wants immorality, and to celebrate it.


The Holy Spirit always has been the same Holy Spirit, forever, in every generation, and now in every tribe, language group and nation.

Wherever on earth there are genuine followers of Christ Jesus we expect to see the same Holy Spirit working just as He always has, through and to whomever He chooses.

Any Christian, anytime, anywhere, can be a mighty vessel of the Holy Spirit.

That’s what we should expect.


What is your expectation of the Lord Jesus Christ?


God will, either, do what He said, or He won’t do as He said.

So, we better find out what He said.


If we look at churches paradigmarically we see most church paradigms today are not much different to the Roman Catholic Church.


With all the uncertainty, now, over what constitutes male or female, how can we be sure Big Brother is really a he and not something else?

One difficulty Orwell might not have foreseen.

Does Big Brother approve of your beliefs, values or opinions?

Wouldn’t it be terrible if you didn’t meet his standards?

You better get used to Big Brother watching your every word and thought you express.

Who watches Big Brother, though?

You guessed it.


If you lack strength, here is what you must do:

“But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)


On Judgment Day will Jesus Christ call you wise, or a fool?


Regarding the time we’re living in:

It’s all foretold in God’s word.

I’m not discouraged.

I’m not afraid.

I won’t complain.

I won’t let the world bring me down.

I’m excited about the Lord’s eternal Kingdom and in expectation of His return.

I thank God that every word of God will be fulfilled.

Thanking Him for eternal life.


What a wonderful gift time is.

Let’s live for the Lord Jesus Christ.


We should desire to have great faith and great love.


“For the time will come when they will not endure sound teaching, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.” (2 Tim. 4:3-4)

They follow teachers “according to their own desires” and not according to the Kingdom of God.

The teachers they follow reflect their own desires.

It’s implied here that people’s “own desires” are at odds with God’s desires.

What they want, and what God wants, are two different things.


The true Holy Spirit displaces and drives out EVERY other spirit.

He has no part with any other spirit.


Never let people’s assumptions about you have any effect on you. An assumption is nothing.


Jesus has all the answers. If you know who He is then you know why.


It’s a mistake for Christians to equate being filled with the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues (unknown languages).

There have been notable revivals over history where God’s Spirit was poured out, lives changed, and whole communities transformed, and yet virtually no sign of the gift of tongues or even much in the way of physical healing.

Yet the true gift of tongues is still very much alive in every nation.

But it is not proof one has been filled with the Holy Spirit.

You can be filled with the Spirit and not speak in tongues. You can speak in tongues and not be filled with the Spirit.

Equating the one with the other tends toward people being manipulated into doing it.

Many preachers tell their audience that they should expect to speak in tongues when the Holy Spirit falls on them. They are manipulating them by prompting or coaching them to do it.

In the Bible, no one was manipulated into receiving any gift.

Such cults work up the “gift” by themselves, without the Spirit. And the members are pressured into it to prove they are saved in the eyes of the cult leaders.

Yet there’s still the true gift.

There is the real and the counterfeit.

“For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.

What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.”

(1 Corinthians 14:14-15)

So, its usually praying in a tongue (different language) rather than speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues must have an interpretation.

Unless it is directly to a person who understands that language.


Through suffering, discouragement, temptation, pain or grief, God the Holy Spirit remains inside the faithful disciple. It might seem like it’s hard to get through to God’s Throne in Heaven, yet God is in you all the while. You are in Christ, and He in you.

The Holy Spirit always reveals Christ Jesus, always lifts our eyes to Heaven, where Christ sits at the right hand of God.

Sometimes it seems like we’re trying to push through to the Throne room, yet it’s God, Himself, who is in us empowering us to pray.

Yes, the person who abides in Christ has God inside them.

The glory may be veiled, but God’s Spirit can never be anything less than God.


A social media platform should limit itself to simply being a platform, not the arbiter of an ideology.

Each individual should be their own censor and fact checker.

The system will maintain itself.


We know the Bible teaches that shepherds feed and care for the sheep.

Then, the sheep should know that whoever feeds and cares for them is a shepherd to them.

This has nothing to do with organizations.


Don’t expect to get much light out of those living in darkness.


We know we should never glorify ourselves.

And, if God wanted to glorify us, He would surely do it.

And, if God wanted to glorify us, He surely wouldn’t need our help.


It’s the greatness of God which makes it possible for Him to care for every person on the planet, and all the creatures and plants.


It’s hard for us normal people to comprehend that there’s people on this planet, who, not only want power over others, but want to rule the world, and don’t care how many people they need to murder to make that happen.


Jesus spoke much about Heaven and Hell, and He claimed He is the only way to Heaven. Do you think He was right?


The difference between Kingdom work and other work is Kingdom work lasts forever.



While I agree wholeheartedly with these points, it’s worth considering the difference between truly seeking Gods perfect will and fatalism.

Whatever God has promised we can believe for.

And we also consider that Gods will doesn’t just happen.

We are not to passively resign ourselves to, “if it is Gods will it will happen”.

We have known people who believe, fatalisticly, that everything that happens, every circumstance, must be Gods will because He is Sovereign. And we watched as the devil did whatever he wanted with them, and they passively accepted it as Gods will.

On the point of “success” : surely there is a thing called success, as opposed to being a failure.

Whatever we do, success would glorify God more than failure.

Although, sometimes God knows we need to fail, to humble us.

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