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True repentance is to look into the face of the Lord Jesus and leave everything He hates far behind.

True repentance is not legalism because legalism is one of the things we need to repent of.


God made us for Himself, and He also made us for one another.


Replied to Costi Hinn:

In 1 Cor. 14 Paul says he speaks in tongues more than all of them, and yet he doesn’t do it in church.

Where then did he do it?

Obviously, in private.

For many Christians, 1 Corinthians chapter 14 is irrelevant to them because it doesn’t fall within the realm of their experience, and that’s a faulty way to approach God’s word.


The Lord Jesus plainly taught that unrepentance will cause people to forfeit their souls.

At that time no one felt they needed to get Jesus to define or clarify what sexual sin is.

True Christians define sin as Jesus and the NT defines it.

So, when society flaunts it, true Christians remind and warn society about the consequences of their sin.

This freedom of speech and faith is what is being eroded by the Left.


Christian, we want the kind of boldness which love produces.


Remember this word, “adoration”.

Christian, you have the capacity to adore God, to hold Him in adoration, to truly love Him for who He is and what He has done.


For the true Christian, their life is entirely spiritual because God’s Spirit indwells them: meaning, everything concerning their life is perceived through their spirit.

“But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one.” (1 Cor. 2:14-15)


Life, by definition, is essentially spiritual, the only question is, which spirit?


The only basis by which God can forgive us is on the basis that His Son, Jesus Christ, shed His blood and died in our place, and it’s on this basis alone, and it’s wonderful.


Oftentimes deception begins in Christians the moment they think they are special.

You might say, “I am special!!!”.

Yes, everyone is special, so you’re no more special than anyone else.

This is the problem in thinking you are special.


Either, God has forgiven all our sins or none of our sins.

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that you can know you are fully forgiven.

Obviously, it would be futile to be partly forgiven.


Someone might be evil, but you don’t know if they will come to the Lord later.


The state of the world is much worse in the sight of God than how we see it, because scripture says His eyes are too holy to look upon sin, whereas none of us can claim such holiness.


If we accept God’s word then we have peace.

If we don’t accept it then we should be conflicted inside because we don’t accept it, unless a person is deceived and has a false peace in believing a lie.


Where Christians often get confused on this matter of “God speaking” today is they don’t delineate between truth and specific guidance.

It’s better to say that God, through His Spirit, communicates to our spirit both the truth of Gods word and practical, specific guidance or leading, and these are obviously distinct and not the same thing.

God is constantly communicating by His indwelling Spirit with the person who knows Him, but, even so, it would be foolish and conceited to say, ‘God told me!’ concerning every matter.

We can call this communication an inner witness, and it’s what Jesus meant when He said, ‘My sheep hear my voice”.


We all want to have great faith, and yet we want to have great faith for that which is His will and plan, and not great faith for what is not His will.

So, it’s okay to be lacking faith for something which is not His will.


The only spiritual help we can be to others is to help them understand the truth of God’s word, help them to know Him, to hear His voice and be taught and led by Him.


Jesus Christ knows our faith because He knows our heart and mind, because He lives in us who are His.


Jesus Christ…

Leads us
Guides us
Loves us
Provides for us
Forgives us
Empowers us
Teaches us
Delivers us
Warns us
Corrects us
Encourages us
Heals us

Sanctifies us



No one can add to what Christ has done, and yet our actions can be a denial or rejection of what He has done.


“Preach Christ, don’t preach morality.”

This statement can easily be misunderstood.

If we faithfully preach Christ we will also remind people of all His moral commands, just as He commanded us to do: “…teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…” (Matt. 28:20a)

If a preacher preaches Christ but omits to preach what He commanded then they’re not preaching Christ at all.


Would you say the greatest thing in your life is your fellowship with God?


God owns everything, and we just borrow it for a while.


In truly serving Christ there’s nothing we should expect to gain for ourselves if we are faithful servants.


Jesus said, “Come to me!”. He never said, “Come to Christianity!”.

It’s not about getting a religion, it’s about experiencing God transform you into a new creation.


If Christ is not your Savior and you died today then you would have to face the Judgment Throne of God with no Savior.


If man-made religious traditions were that good then they would be in God’s word.


God’s word decides right from wrong.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to decide that.

And I certainly wouldn’t trust myself to decide that.


What would you have against entrusting your soul into the hands of Jesus Christ?

Who else could you entrust to keep your soul forever?


To speak for Christ one must first hear Christ speaking to them.


Faith is not dependent on all the things we have come to use and depend on in modern life because all the great heroes of faith, foremost the Lord Jesus, had none of the things we depend on.


Our actual relationship to God is our actual faith.

True Christian faith is to know God, not faith in a God whom you don’t know, for that’s not faith.


If you are without Christ you could drop into Hell at any moment of the day or night.


When a society doesn’t have the love of God it is not a civilized society.


Christ Jesus clothes us in His righteousness, imputes to us His righteousness, and works His righteousness in us.


We must not forget to thank God for everything and fully acknowledge all that He has done for us.

If He had not “done for us” where would we be?

It’s true.


Looking at the democratic forms of government today, we can look at it and understand that God, in His Sovereignty, gave a great responsibility to people in that they can have a say in who will govern them, knowing that secular governments are instituted by God as a temporary measure so that this world can keep functioning and not collapse into anarchy.

I think it’s a sign of Gods judgment that many Christians don’t appreciate the freedoms they have, not seeming to understand history, that historically the freedom they enjoy today is a very rare thing.

In part, the rise of democracy in the western world was due to the influence of Christianity, and the publication and influence of the Bible played a large role, as prior to that most government was despotic and people had little or no rights.


God has no beginning or end, He has lived forever, and yet He is not old because He can’t age, He is timeless. Looking back into eternity past, He was there, and looking into eternity future, He is there, and those in Christ will be with Him there for eternity, for Jesus promised eternal life to all who love Him.


Pick any person on earth at random and ask, What does this person’s life amount to?

One day it will be fully known and understood, the Bible says.

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